Like the time Hannah Gadsby was booked at the Townsville RSL

Busy day today, so no serious rant on matters vital. Instead, I’d like to test a gag out on the audience of this organ as it fell very flat when I cracked it in real life: What a great win by the Uruguayan rugby team this week. Presumably they’ll celebrate with a big dinner of […]

Meaty, Beaty, Hannah Mouncey

Our old friend Hannah Mouncey was back in the legacy press this week, on IDAHOBIT Day (yes, that’s a real “day”). The Grauniad gave him her some column inches to write about transphobia. There’s no need to read the complete article, it’s mainly self-serving guff about how the AFL are tying themselves in logical knots […]

Kick long, smash packs

Our old friend Hannah Mouncey is back in the news; he’s shes’s suing the Australia Rules Football league in Canberra for the right to play in the top women’s grade. The main story is a bit boring, the usual guff as a sporting body tries to navigate the absolute minefield that is balancing the rights […]

Rejoice! Clementine Ford returns in 2019!

For some unfathomable reason because most of her opinions are subject to cognitive dissonance, Clementine Ford has been suffering from depression but made it through the festive season without offing herself and has even managed to knock out another couple of hundred words of insanity and/or mendacity. Trigger warning; You may want to sit down […]

The madness of Queen Shebah

Mischievous readers in Australia could have some fun, if they were that way inclined. Shebah is a ride share service like Uber and Ola. It differs in one significant way, however; the drivers and passengers are female. “Fine“, we might say, “it’s perfectly reasonable for female passengers and drivers to want this additional safety measure. […]

Westpac and O’Sullivan’s Law

If their social media profile is any measure of these things, one of the four main Australian banks, Westpac, is firmly in the vanguard of the Australian First Battalion of the Social Justice Warrior armed forces. Their CEO, Brian Hartzer, is clearly one of the main drivers of this “progressive” attitude, witnessed by the following […]

Nobody could have predicted a negative outcome

A woman walked into a shop and started swinging an axe at people. Well, when we say “woman“….. Ah. So, in summary and using clarity of language that everyone would have understood 10 years ago; A man with a history of severe mental illness was prescribed female hormones, operated on to remove his penis and […]

The best women are men

Remember the transgender Aussie Rules player trying to play in the women’s league? (Hannah Mouncey, not to be confused with a bricklayer from the 1970s) Well, “Hannah” Mouncey has just been given the green light and is eligible to compete as a woman. Readers outside Australia will probably find coverage of the league on satellite […]