Offence trolling

The evil and cruel Israel Folau has been up to his old tricks of being mean to people again, like the awful Christian he is: “Attack”. Where and when was this “attack“? Israel Folau has launched another attack on gay people and also criticised young people being allowed to change gender during a sermon at […]

Corrupt narrative as child abuse

Remember the perfectly rational and sane mother of a young boy who claimed to be transgender at the age of three? Let’s check in with Emma Salkild, shall we? Ok, so the young lad is still trans and now has a girl’s name. The fact that his/her/zher details have not been amended on the healthcare […]

Someone probably needs to take the role of parent here

My 5 year old son has decided that he’s a girl and, rather than distracting him with a fidget spinner or teaching him how to ride a bike, I’m actively encouraging his fantasies. This will end well, I’m sure. Tangentially, I’ve often wondered about the thought process used by those who believe that homosexuality is […]