The ballad of Israel Folau

We’ve been following the petty story of Israel closely for some time now. It was obvious it wasn’t going to end well for Rugby Australia and, lo it came to pass. They’ve settled with him before the court case, probably because of the minor difficulty that they forgot to insist on a social media clause […]

The climate of crazy ideas

The former Australian rugby player, Israel Folau, is in the news again today (not really; he’s only in the Sydney Morning Herald). Yesterday, he gave a sermon at his church where he suggested the recent bushfires in Australia were a direct result of the godlessness of the country’s population. Of course, the ever-declining business masquerading […]

Australian B Cricket team to be renamed “Women’s”

No, really. That’s the logical direction this announcement takes the sport, surely: Transgender players allowed in the female national cricket team. (There are three balls in the above photograph)    The guidelines are here. There’s a large volume of text to be parsed but I have helpfully summarised it all for you. A man can […]

This ends badly for everyone

A young person privately expresses views that are incompatible with those of their employer. Someone notifies a national newspaper of these views. The national newspaper publishes the correspondence. The young person is fired and will likely struggle to find future employment in a similar field as a consequence. A columnist writes a follow-up sarcastic opinion […]

It’s not the winning that counts

…but the taking part. Lucky old Tom Decent; he was finally allowed to write about rugby yesterday, rather than being sent to the Folaus’ church to live blog from the Sunday service; The good news for those who like the rugby status quo is that the Wallabies performed badly, lost a match and the coach […]

And the 2019 Pulitzer Prize goes to….

Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald. Kate has an enviable track record of fearless and relentless inquiry, speaking truth to power in the fine tradition of her profession. No, that’s not sarcasm; she’s one of the few proper journalists remaining in the nation. Her work has resulted in some high profile cases being prosecuted […]

Crikey! Where fallacies live

Australia has two “new media” organisations of note; Quillette and Crikey. They could hardly be more different. The stated aim of Quillette is to publish “heterodox” ideas and be “where free speech lives“. A grand and quite brave claim for a website hosted in Australia, a country where the right to not be offended has […]

There seems to be an obvious solution waiting to be found

The new oppressed class living amongst us is, apparently, single people. No, don’t laugh. It’s true; The Sydney Morning Herald managed to find space between the Folau-dering to published an article about it, so it must be correct. Grab a coffee, settle back and let’s try not to laugh too loudly as we witness mental […]

Kill it with fire

Sorry, but this saga isn’t going away and nobody is covering themselves with glory; Christian charity to be investigated for helping Israel Folau. Yes, Tom Decent was less interested in Australia’s progression to the cricket World Cup semi final after defeating England yesterday but continued his single issue activism journalism. In a worrying omen for […]

Australian hypocrisy’s name is Lisa Wilkinson

Christ, can we please all just shut up about Israel bloody Folau? No? Ok then, here’s our 3rd sodding blog post in a week about the ridiculous saga….. For those who care enough to continue reading this blog and this specific post but aren’t bothered enough to keep up with the news, which I suppose […]