The bar at Mos Eisley Spaceport

Or the Green Room for Sydney World Pride’s guest speakers?

You decide:

Let’s ease into it gently with the bartender. Looks normal enough. On my planet, the beard would have provided enough information to make the pronouns superfluous, but hey, could be a different species, right?

Next up, starting to get tricky. Sporting probably the weakest attempt at facial hair since Elliot Page did Movember, and a hat that screams “unpacking theology may not end well for you”, this one is anyone’s guess.

Ok, this one’s easy; it’s more than one person in the same body (they/them). Definitely from another planet.

This one is obviously human, unless they have 1970s retro wallpaper on planet Zarg. Good to see the name and aim of the organisation is hiding in plain sight – STRAP(on).

Did you know the previously satirical (now woke and establishment) magazine, Private Eye, used to refer to Her Maj, Queen Elizabeth as “Brenda”? Never needed to mention pronouns though, can’t think why.

Say it loud, I’m she/her and Proud.

Ok, this one is surely having a laugh at our expense. “Tuck”. Riiight.

Next up, “I’m not ready for my close-up now, Mr DeMille”. It’s almost as if, I dunno, she/her hadn’t grown up learning how to apply make up.

I’m pretty sure I saw Dr. Julia Erht (she/her) playing drums for Beltane Fire at the Mean Fiddler in 1989. Or maybe they were part of the crew who built the porch extension for my parents’ house.

Ok, we’ve found the backup captain for the Millennium Falcon, should Han Solo not make it on time. He/him can definitely do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs.

P. J. O’Rourke isn’t dead, she/her has just returned to she/her planet, baby.

Walking on the beaches, looking at the…. Aaaargh! Not that!

The great thing about athletes is how healthy they look.

“The crystal ship is being filled…”. How many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters would it take? Not enough have been poured, nowhere near enough.

I wonder whether “multiply neurodivergent” means something on they/them planet? Not sure there’s a direct translation in Earth languages.

This one’s easy; definitely alien, we’ve even got a cartoon from she/they planet.

Finally, this is clearly off-world.

Bill’s Opinion

Happy World Pride, Sydney. You voted for the idiots who are now using your rate money to fund this.

Follow the link to the list of speakers and ask yourself if any of them, even one, would be a good role model for your child?

The Wi-Fi Password people have really have very little in common, the Ls hate the Ts, the Gs only love themselves, nobody understands the Qs and the Is, and everyone hates the Bs. The one thing these people have in common though is they are all very broken.

The good news is, this is their last hurrah. I predict that, in years to come this World Pride will be seen as the high tide of the wokemon bollocks.

Scotland just lost a First Minister because the rest of the country said, “yeah, nah” to it. It’s over, go back to your constituencies and prepare for normality.

5 Replies to “The bar at Mos Eisley Spaceport”

  1. “The good news is, this is their last hurrah. I predict that, in years to come this World Pride will be seen as the high tide of the wokemon bollocks.”

    I truly hope that you’re right. Otherwise, please send the asteroid.

  2. Fockhamall, I really think that you should have inserted a Viewer Discretion Advised warning at the very least. Not suitable for work!

    At the risk of drawing down heavy showers of wrath upon myself, once a city builds an opera house then all and any vanity projects are on the table.

    1. The Achilles heel of the Woke is money. Specifically Other People’s Money, as obviously these nitwits are unable to produce output. Quite literally they are parasites on the productive side of the house. None of these vermin can do anything more than scam and grift. Once the economy flops to a level inadequate to support them the rotters will have to actually work, likely in a menial task, or starve. Our charity and compassion has been used against us. We must remember our forefathers were Hard Men. The time for compassion is over.

  3. One of the interesting things about a pendulum is that at the point it changes direction its velocity is zero. So even though in some ways it looks like the woke train is still at full steam, I agree with Billy and have thought for a little while that we are close to the turning point for the ascension of wokedom.

    If the Ls and Gs want to preserve some of the gains they have made over the last 20 years they should more strongly distance themselves from the rest of the alphabet, support freedom of speech and demonstrate they can live in settled monogamous relationships. If they do this they may keep some form of legally recognised same sex union and general tolerance from many in society. In other words they may be able to damp the swing of this pendulum.

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