It’s all relative

….as they say in Tasmania.

Some data points for your amusement:

NSW is going to switch to weekly reporting for the Covid numbers. Because we’re living with Covid now, pandemic over, etc.

Mary Ward is “health reporter”, apparently.

Not a particularly curious health reporter, though.

If she was just a little interested, she might look back at some ancient history. Remember, something something, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Today’s statistics that we are so sanguine about that we can switch to weekly summaries for;

21 dead with/of Covid yesterday. Tragic, but not many really, in the scheme of things. I’m sure you, like all of us, are glad we’re over the dark days of the pandemic when people were just dropping all around us.

Oh, here’s something interesting I found in a history book, from nearly a year ago:

We were shitting the bed because five people died in a day with/of Covid. Screenshot below in case it gets memoryholed:

Bill’s Opinion

Shall we just play “let’s pretend” that the last couple of years didn’t happen or that it was all justified?

Yes, let’s do that.

5 Replies to “It’s all relative”

  1. Where are the demands for lockdowns?* How about more jabbing? Outrage at the unvaxxed? Our overloaded hospitals full of same? Anyone? Anyone?

    I’m looking forward to the walk back on climate change once the Europeans that don’t die of cold emerge in the spring.

    *Same place they were in 2017 when we had the most deadly flu season but that argument was like water off a covidiot’s mask.

    1. The Unherd podcast has an actuary from Lloyds of London this week.
      No conclusion drawn on the excess deaths but he does point out the Omicron wave wasn’t even as bad as a regular flu season.

      1. The Alpha wave wasn’t even as bad (in Australia) as the (Australian) 2017 influenza season. Globally, Alpha was in the envelope of a bad flu, particularly once you remove all the people who died within 21 days of a positive PCR and were counted as covid deaths.

        I guess I’m angry with myself for taking so long to figure this out. Initially I soaked up the media brainwashing and (to my eternal shame) supported the moronic governmental response, but once you see through it… I mean, they were broadcasting video calls from fossils on the Ruby Princess where in the one shoebox room one person had the dreaded ‘rona and the other was in fine health and I still didn’t see it FFS!

        My only consolation is that if you point any of this out to a covidiot they’ll either shrug their shoulders or parrot something the TV or their phone told them to say.

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