O Lord, help me to be pure

but not yet.

Saint Augustine

Many years ago, I was on a plane about to depart the airport in Lagos (the one in Nigeria, not Portugal).

Sharing the row of seats with me was my colleague, Ricky (not his real name) and an elderly Nigerian woman to whom I’d yet to be introduced.

Some background to Ricky; he was also Nigerian, living and working in London. In his spare time he was a lay preacher at a (very) large Christian church in a converted warehouse in North London.

He didn’t miss an opportunity to remind you of this fact. Think about the most annoying vegan you’ve ever met, then stick a copy of The New Testament in their hand.

Prior to take off, I introduced myself to the old lady and politely asked where she was headed.


Oh lovely, do you have family there?

No, I have a serious medical condition and my family have saved up to pay for me to be treated by the worlds best surgeon for that condition”

At which point, spying an opportunity to talk about his favourite subject, Ricky usurped the conversation:

“I’m a pastor, I am qualified in prayer and the laying of hands. Would you like to pray with me for a cure?”

Oh yes, I’d like that very much”.

There then followed five tediously long minutes of Performative Christianity with several references to scripture and a grand finale with the claim, through faith, Ricky had cured the old lady of the, presumably, terminal cancer or whatever it was she was going to have removed.

“Oh, thank you so much”, responded the old dear.

No walhala”, Ricky modestly replied in the vernacular.

Curious, I enquired whether she believed she was now cured.

Oh yes

“What, fully cured?”

Yes, I believe in the power of prayer

“Well, the plane doors haven’t closed, there’s still time to leave the plane and save your family a lot of money in medical bills”

No, I think I’ll still go and see the surgeon”

Bill’s Opinion

I’m constantly reminded of this memory whenever I see people, presumably already with the benefit of four shots of a vaccine that prevents them catching and being made sick from Covid, walking around in public wearing non-surgical grade masks.

Now Jesus he came in a vision
And offered you redemption from sin
I’m not sayin’ that I don’t believe you
But are you sure that it really was him
I’ve been told that it could’ve been blue cheese
Or the meal that we ate down the road

I’m a young man at odds with the Bible
But I don’t pretend faith never works
When we’re down on our knees
Prayin’ at the bus stop


4 Replies to “O Lord, help me to be pure”

  1. Jabbed or not, wearing masks is pointless apart from virtue signalling*. This, like so many things, was the Science right up until around about 2020. Of course the reason people have lost faith in the Science/media/politicians/education/society is “mis/disinformation”, not, I repeat, not, believing the evidence of your own lying eyes. Ergo, we need more censorship to protect freedom of speech!

    Masks have been a requirement indoors at my workplace this winter (year? I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention to the edicts). I’ve ignored it totally and nobody has said anything. There’s probably about a 90/10% maskless/masked split where I am, but it’s a big place and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that inverted or even 100% compliance in other areas.

    Don’t forget that if when it becomes a public health directive again you’ll be fined $5k for not wearing one you filthy science hating misogynist racist.

    Never forget that less that 12 months ago, if you weren’t jabbed you were untermensch and the vast majority of society would gladly have had you forcibly injected with experimental mRNA treatments and/or locked up in an interment camp. I had a “friend” comment that “no jab, no job” seemed reasonable given the (equally moronic) “no jab, no play” daycare policy.

    Remember also (as we watch the Democrats in the USA claim they were never in favour of lockdowns etc) when the media etc being decrying lockdowns here, that these were the same people who delighted as protestors against lockdowns were smeared as anti-science, racist, neo Nazi etc and shot with rubber bullet, teargas and sonic weapons. Never miss an opportunity to remind them of this fact either.

    As noted elsewhere, we should be thankful for covid as it has served to clearly delineate people into categories which can loosely be summed up as “capable of critical thinking” and “good Germans/would dime you out in a heartbeat”.

    * In fact, I would place more faith (if you’ll pardon the pun) in the laying of hands.

  2. My GP surgery require patients to wear masks and wait outside spread along the corridor, while the receptionists mask up behind Perspex screen.
    Yesterday I had day surgery at a hospital. The receptionist there had no screen, wore a mask himself but didn’t mind that I wasn’t and there was no clean/used pens nonsense. Not a single other member of the hospital staff over the next 5 hours mentioned my lack of a mask or anything to do with KungFlu.
    Meanwhile, my smug and foolish work colleagues continue to wear masks at random and get booster vexinations despite having already had KungFlu.
    I’m past trying to understand their stupid but I am still annoyed by the smug and somewhat ashamed of myself for wishing a nasty realisation on them.

    1. Suggest the Alex Berenson interview with Rogan to your smug friends.

      All cause mortality is going to be a massive story by the end of this year.

      1. Get with the program comrade Billy – the lockdowns caused the excess deaths and who wanted the lockdowns? Trump! That’s right! Anyone who says otherwise misremembers and will be forced to watch the entire first season of Rings of Power with no breaks.

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