Denial, not a river in Egypt or India

I have been travelling extensively for the last two weeks. My travels have taken me through various Asian hub airports and around the Indian sub-continent.

Through observation, I can confirm the petty bureaucrats and rule-givers across Asia are as illogical and stupid as their counterparts in Australia.

In a message exchange to a good friend I expressed the sentiment that I have accepted the lunacy. He congratulated me on reaching the fifth stage of the Kubler-Ross rubric.

The fact that I may have reached acceptance still doesn’t make any of this madness right though.

For example, I must wear a mask on the train to Sydney airport. I can remove it in the airport. I must replace it on the Malaysian Airways flight, except whilst sipping on a drink or eating (I can nurse a drink for a loooong time).

The mask must remain on at Kuala Lumpur airport unless I am in the Business Class Lounge. It must go back on the moment I leave the lounge, of course.

I must also wear the mask on the Indian domestic flights. The pre-flight announcement requests us to maintain anti-social distancing between our fellow passengers, seemingly oblivious to the sardine-tin we are sharing. Officially, we must wear our masks in the airports, unless proving our identify but the local security staff nearly all use theirs as chin-warmers so are not enforcing the rule on the public anyway.

The day prior to a visit to a supplier’s office, a test kit was delivered to my hotel room with the request that I use it and bring the negative result with me the next day. This wasn’t requested at all during the visit.

Trying to make any sense of this results in a headache. Questioning why this still is going on is a fool’s errand; there is no consistent thread of logic holding any of this together.

In the meantime, my colleagues chuckle behind their hands at the ineffective and leaky Indian airport security checks as we remove shoes and belts, take laptops out of bags, display our power adaptors for inspection, etc. and make disparaging remarks about how silly it all is.

We don’t comment on the inconsistency of the masks though. There’s a code of silence as we put them on, take them off, rinse, repeat.

This is either a deadly disease that can be prevented by the addition of a knitted woollen barrier over the mouth and nose, or isn’t and it can’t.

That we are all continually living like this makes me wonder if we have become fully house-trained. What else might we quietly and compliantly accept now in the future?

Bill’s Opinion

I can think of only two possible reasons for this bio-security theatre to remain in place;

1. The process to remove the rule has far more steps and gatekeepers than the process to impose it. We must participate in the Holy Communion to the god of Covid until eventually a person in authority decides we can stop, or

2. It’s about the love of power and control. The gatekeepers preventing the removal of this ridiculous charade from our lives know it serves no purpose. They know we know it serves no purpose. They know we know they know we know it serves no purpose. But yet they keep the rules in place.

Aaaaand exhale.

7 Replies to “Denial, not a river in Egypt or India”

  1. Definitely more 2 than 1, but not entirely 2 either. Any backdown would imply either wrongdoing and/or stupidity, neither of which can be shown to have been done by TPTB, no matter how often or how blatantly they do either or both.

    Direct or indirect admission of gross stupidity and/or malfeasance in the small matter of destroying economies and ruining countless lives in the name of “public health” might invite uncomfortable contemplation regarding other matters of public policy, and we can’t be having that now can we.

    1. I wonder if it is even possible to name a politician without any cuntishness in their curriculum vitae. But I’m as gullible as the next voter. For a long time I used to think that pols like Winnie, JFK and Mandela were good guys. The supreme vanity required to enjoy the adulation while ignoring the greatly-deserved vituperation.

      Disclosure: in the fifty three years since I achieved the voting age I have never exercised this right… although if they start offering free beer at polling stations… although I should warn you that with increasing age I have become far fussier about what ales I imbibe…

      1. I wonder if it is even possible to name a politician without any cuntishness in their curriculum vitae.

        I can’t think of any.

  2. People are loathe to admit that they were wrong, especially people in power. It’s hard for them to think of a reason to end the mandates without acknowledging that they didn’t really work from the start.
    Covid looks like it will keep on pursuing us like an old Reader’s Digest subscription so this will not end soon.
    I think some Asian countries will require masks indoors forever, and outdoors unofficially. They don’t seem remotely bothered by them. In fact, they seem to like them. Baring one’s face has become a barbarous act, like savage women with bare breasts.

    1. The Asian countries and masks thing is super weird, not tentacle porn weird but getting up there. I watch a Japanese chap on YouTube who mostly fixes stuff up. He is always alone and always wearing a mask.

      It’s become a talismanic security blanket for many but I believe it’s symptomatic of deeper issues. Pertaining to what I don’t pretend to know.

  3. I tend to agree with lemmiwinks and Nikolai. Governments and leaders not being allowed to be seen as fallible causes an awful lot of problems with things that are harmful or ineffective continuing long after they have been proven to be a problem simply because politicians and boss level people try to preserve the impression of infallibility.

    However, I’m starting to think that a lot of government policy appears to have the effect of keeping the rich rich and keeping the poor poor, so applying Occam’s Razor I wonder if that is the purpose of a lot of government policy (e.g. energy policy, mass low skilled migration).

  4. Many otherwise unemployable people found they were well-suited to being petty officials, enforcing this silliness. So if the mask nonsense was to be withdrawn, they’ll be back on benefits (messing up the stats for pollies).

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