The NSW IQ test results are in

The New South Wales technocrats are suffering from attention deficit syndrome, so we’re back to press conferences with meaningless statistics.

The Brad and Kerry Show yesterday resulted in a statement from the state’s most senior doctor with this as its final paragraph (bold mine):

Finally, I am urging everyone to continue to do the little things that will make a big difference, including staying home if unwell, testing if you have symptoms, and practicing good hygiene by washing your hands or sanitising regularly.

This statement was spoken by a medical doctor whose entire working day for over two and half years has been to be across all things Covid.

My job is nothing to do with Covid but I know that there have been multiple studies confirming the virus is exclusively airborne with minimal evidence of surface transmission.

Kerry Chant must surely be aware of this too.

Bill’s Opinion

What are our possible explanations?

1. Kerry is utterly rubbish at her prime responsibility.

2. Kerry doesn’t write this stuff and feels compelled to speak it, whilst knowing it’s incorrect.

3. Kerry knows it’s incorrect but doesn’t think it’s good for us if she updates the message based on new knowledge.

4. A bizarre alternative reason I’m not imaginative enough to think of.

None of these reasons are going to help Kerry convince anyone who has been paying attention to listen to a damn word she or her colleagues say ever again.

Line up peeps for your 4th jab of a 95% effective vaccine that prevents the spread so well that everyone you know has had the disease already.

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  1. 5. Some combination of all of the above.

    I stopped watching the “news” a couple of years ago. I couldn’t stand the level of propaganda and outright lies that was being presented., I gather nothing has changed.

    Even the ads for the depop shot infuriate me, especially the ones pressuring parents to get their kids done. “The TGA has tested it and it’s safe.” Lie x 2. “It reduces the risk of serious illness in children.” Lie. Children are not at risk of serious illness.

    Anyone with a functional brain and internet connection can verify the absurd falseness of the government claims for themselves. Internet connectivity clearly isn’t the issue.

  2. Many members of the medical profession have clearly demonstrated over the last 2.5 years that they are essentially incompetent and/or immoral. My local GP advises people who catch Kungflu to rest, drink water and take pain killers. This tells me two things: (1) if they think this is genuinely the best advice then Kungflu is not the greatest danger to humanity in the last 100 years and they don’t need all the masks and perspex shields and/or (2) they haven’t looked at any of the evidence for treatment protocols using cheap, simple and safe products.

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