The unintended consequence of not confronting transgender kids

The trans nonsense became very real for my family recently. Fortunately my family are all sane and safe, but a peer of one of my children took her own life last month.

Anyone who has experienced a suicide will know the incredible reach of utter devastation it delivers to everyone touched by it, regardless of family connection or closeness of relationship to the person. Everyone in the wider community is impacted and left with unsettling questions and emotions.

I will try to keep the details as generic as possible; it’s going to help nobody if this random corner of the internet can be traced back to the dead child.

The child who committed suicide “identified as transgender” from the age of 12. She changed her first name and required use of grammatically incorrect pronouns.

Her parents, the high school, and the medical professionals went along with this charade for two years.

In fact, in a private conversation with the High School Principal last year, I realised it was a source of professional pride that the high school had a “trans” student. Let me stress that; rather than expressing sympathy for a young person in their charge who was clearly demonstrating mental illness, the School Principal was happy to boast about the situation as if it was progress.

This is the same High School Principal who, in an email to me, suggested I give one of my children a mobile phone to take to school as “it’s not great for kids to stand out as different” when I complained that my child was annoyed there was nothing to do at lunch and break time because all their peers were glued to their phones (most of which had completely unrestricted access to every possible internet site), so wouldn’t talk or play.

Around this time, the school LGBTQ Pride Club was established, with a teacher supervising the lunchtime meetings and free biscuits on offer to those who attended.

Shortly afterwards, other pre-pubescent girls in the school announced themselves to be transgender.

Now, the tragedy has occurred and everyone is running for cover.

Bill’s Opinion

When we send our children to school, we do so with the primary expectation they will be physically safe and the secondary expectation they will not be subjected to experiences negative to their mental well-being.

Receiving an education in core subjects such as Maths, Science and English” seems to have become a far distant third priority these days.

Increasingly, it seems not even these two basic expectations are being met. if this were the case, perhaps a grown up might have said, at any time in the last two years, “no, you aren’t transgender; you were born a girl, will remain a girl throughout your life and, if an archaeologist digs your remains up a thousand years from now, they will immediately recognise your body as being female”.

Language has been bastardised too. Forget the current pronoun lunacy; “suicide” is now a verb, as in, “to suicide” or they “suicided”.

What was it before? “To commit suicide”. Why? Because it is a sin; someone has sinned and the result is a lost life. It is a failure of some kind, not simply an inevitable consequence of announcing one’s new pronouns and gender. We should not accept this premise and we should not accept the false logic that confrontation with reality will harm people living a fantasy; we have the proof neither route works perfectly, so choose truth.

Throughout the last two years, several people with a duty of care have failed to divert this child’s attention from negative opinions on the internet, otherwise the 12 year old wouldn’t have randomly discovered the concept of transgender and wouldn’t had found a route to sell nude photos of herself online to fund puberty blocking drugs.

The clues were there should the activist teaching staff had bothered to have looked. They might have heard about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and realised that more than one trans child in a school of 1,000 students is a statistical improbability. There were none in my school when I was growing up, as I’m sure there weren’t in yours either. There were plenty of kids who later turned out to be homosexual and very happy in their adult lives, however.

There are people in our community who are culpable for these failures. Let me list the main failures so, should they read this, they can assess whether they own any:

  • Unrestricted internet access for children.
  • Unrestricted use of screens in break time and at lunch at school, rather than physical interaction.
  • Treating mental illness as trivial and “going along with” unrealistic world views as if they were based on fact.
  • Establishment of a school club for 12 year olds based on sexuality and unrealistic opinions on gender when there are another four years until the age of consent for any sexuality, gay or straight.

If you were involved in this person’s short life, perhaps ask yourself the question, “Consider the possibility that, rather than being kind, you made things worse by agreeing with rather than confronting her fantasy. What if she was just gay? Or even maybe a David Bowie Ziggy Stardust era fan who’d eventually evolve to The Let’s Dance album?

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  1. This is so disturbing and sad it took me a day to contemplate. I feel so sad for everyone affected by this, perhaps most sad for the child.

    “Her parents, the high school, and the medical professionals went along with this charade for two years.”

    These people all failed her so terribly, I don’t know how they could ever forgive themselves. Yet the “professionals” all acted appropriately within the guidelines provided for them. I suppose this is how they quell their consciences. I feel awful for the parents, I pray God grants them peace and strength.

    It’s a cliché but, at least to some degree, “Society’s to blame.” In some parts of society it’s no longer permitted to question a child making outlandish claims about their sexuality (and this is entirely deliberate, but that’s another discussion entirely.)

    Friends of mine had their 14 year old announce to them that she was bisexual. My feelings leaned towards sitting her down and telling her that at her age she is in no position to be making any decisions about such matters, and signing her up for as many sports as possible. A 14 year old doesn’t know their arse from their elbow.

    They did the politically correct thing and supported her. Eventually she unceremoniously dumped her girlfriend for Chad McStudly and hopefully that’s the end of it (or not, not my circus, not my monkeys.)

    Stuff like this is why I will fight to the death over smartphone screen time and apps. I was naïve early on and barely resisted Snapchat (though the pathetic videos are banned on an honour system.) Instagram was a particularly vicious skirmish but absolutely worth the effort.

    1. Yes, sorry to bring the mood down.
      I can recommend Qustodio software to prevent/reduce internet mental damage. Best to give them an Android not an iPhone as monitoring software can do more on that platform.

      Reinstall it every two weeks as the little fuckers work out how to bypass everything eventually.

      1. Ah, I miss the good old days when I had google parental controls. I’ve locked down the new stupid iPhone as much as humanly possible but it’s pretty loose.

  2. The reason why potential wife #57 dropped out of the reckoning was her smartass daughter who bombarded us nonstop with New Age sewage. The dear child decided that she was gay because it was a cool thing to do and set her above her normal closed-minded peers. Not a year later she went on a sex spree with men because she couldn’t handle sex with females anymore. Right now this previously high-achieving girl’s life is a complete screwup. Curiously Candidate #57 used Tough Love on her drug-using son but never on her daughter. Of course if the girl had ever agreed with me that global warming is bullshit, mom would have told her to fuck out of the house immediately.

    Consequences. Go down that road and you might never come back.

    1. “The dear child decided that she was gay because it was a cool thing to do”….

      I think that’s my line; be gay for a bit until you’ve worked out what you like, but when we get to challenging reality, it’s probably going to end badly for someone.

      Douglas Murray says in his second to last book; “there are things we’ve known to be true forever and now pretend aren’t true”.

        1. Thanks for sharing that.

          I’m afraid it will take years to turn this around. Bad ideas take a long time to die – look at people sanitising their hands in supermarkets “because of Covid”.

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