Coerced consent

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

My employer unilaterally made vaccination a condition of employment.

I thought I’d anticipated this well by obtaining a vaccine exemption certificate from a sympathetic doctor, which was duly accepted by my employer.

However, the doctor would not load this on the official immunisation register, presumably so they (deliberate neutral pronoun to obfuscate) could remain under the radar.

I now have to travel internationally for business and the immigration department requires the record on the register.

So, I ran out of road and excuses.

Bill’s Opinion

This government coercion for what should be a very personal medical decision is morally wrong.

It’s also medically wrong – the injection won’t prevent me catching the virus or passing it on. In fact, some studies are now suggesting a higher infection rate amongst the vaccinated.

It’s also an abuse of human rights, as documented by the /checks notes/ Australian government’s Human Rights department in 2019.

There will be a consequence to this, at a minimum a protest vote at every future election, perhaps there’s more tangible actions I can take. Suggestions below, please (and no, I’m not planning to go “postal” on anyone).

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  1. Inspired by Putin, governments are now planning to inter, isolate, exile and possibly execute dissenters.

    Old proverb: When elephants fart, the grass gets shat on. Or something like that.

    1. I’m not sure Putin is the inspiration here. Maybe some kind of “look a squirrel ” excuse but not the inspiration.

  2. Sorry to hear that, you must be very angry. I think I’m in a position where I could say take this job and shove it, but I’m thankful I haven’t had to cross that bridge thus far (bearing in mind this isn’t over by a long shot).

    As I told the RFS when I quit as a volunteer, there is no ethical, medical or moral justification for mandatory experimental injections.

      1. You’re far from alone there.
        Due to an industry-wide mandate by the state govt, I had to get the jab.

        When I lined up they tried every trick in the book to get me to say I’m “Happy” to be vaccinated, then that I “Want” to be vaccinated.
        Flat monotone response was all they got: “I am unwillingly submitting to this injection only under duress and threat of loss of my livelihood and my civil rights”

        My radar told me they were seeing plenty with the same attitude as mine.

  3. P.s. it’s too late now, but it’s possible to get an app which will provide evidence of vaccination. Or so I heard.

    1. Yes, I know. But I highly doubt it will be accepted at the airport and being caught in front of the CEO isn’t going to be conducive for longevity.

      1. Good point. I’m not sure I’d risk it for air travel but it works well in other situations. So I heard.

  4. I’ve got no ideas. I was in a similar situation: get the shot or never see my family again (because air travel).
    I’ve heard you shouldn’t take aspirin just before the shot because it may not take properly . . . seek your own medical advice, I’m not a doctor, just read it somewhere.
    I think this madness is only a symtom of a much larger problem: the collapse of reason in the West. Whatever happens with the vaxx, it will only stave off the harpies for a while until the next thing they cook up.
    My solution is to get a second residency and, following your suggestion, relocate at least some assets.

    1. Agreed, and very interesting wrt aspirin, although the collapse of reason is going hand in glove with the collapse of the rest of our society. 100% self inflicted mind you.

      Now that the media has been instructed to stop gaslighting sleepy Joe’s dementia the writing is on the wall. I read an interesting theory that Harris would get the boot, Obama slides in then 25th amendment gives him 2 years.

      As we’ve seen, a lot can happen in two years.

      1. There is much written of late regards Bambi returning to the Oval Office via booting Cackles, sliding into her job, then via the 25th amendment, knocking off Sleepy Joe.

        None of those writing such seem to have read the 12th amendment. The final sentence of which is not superseded by any other amendment, and reads:
        “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

        1. The way the left operates is constitution schmonstitution. If that’s really the plan, then that’s what’ll go down. I see it on a micro scale at work. The insane woman running the place literally believes she can do whatever she wants, so she does.

  5. Horrible. Really feel for you.

    My best friend works in hospital admin in the US and they gave him an ultimatum, and given he’s the sole provider for a family of 4 he caved. 2 months later the political (and legal) winds changed and the mandate was lifted. I was worried he might actually go postal.

    Hang in there Billy, and endeavor to preserve.

    1. 36 hours so far and no side effects.
      My hope is that the Novavax is simply a crap flu jab (but I repeat myself).

    1. Thanks.
      To be fair, my situation is less bad than many others: I at least got to wait to choose from one of three of the damn things and could get what I’ve long thought to be the least bad.

      It’s still a shit choice to be offered though.

      And I speak as someone who had previously had more vaccines than most people I know. /waves at places he’s visited in. West Africa

  6. The authorities seem to have fooled themselves that everyone who is vaccinated did so willingly, is pro-vax, and in particular is pro-mandate.

    Eg. “The population is 93% vaccinated ergo it is impossible that 15% turned up to an anti-mandate protest”

    Big Mistake.

    The Prime Minister has already started saying “We provided full information, which people used to then make their own personal health & vaccination choices”

    Full information. Yeah right.
    Made own personal choice. Crikey, it’ll only be another year or so & he’ll have a “deer in the headlights” look on his face, hands palm upwards & be saying we demanded to be vaccinated.

    1. I will never vote for a mainstream party again.
      Actually, I rarely vote anyway, but I will make a point of voting for an independent from now until I die.

  7. That’s a terrible ‘decision’ to have to make. Coerced vaccination is immoral and shouldn’t even need to be illegal. At least most people don’t get serious side effects from the COVID vaccines.

    I’m not a doctor, but there may be some benefit in following the advice on how to minimise the risk and effects of Kung Flu, such as from the Swiss Doctor: If you are not already following something like this, it might help you get through the first couple of weeks when the vaccines appear to make some people more vulnerable to diseases.

    I’m also not voting for any of the components of the Uniparty again. They have conclusively demonstrated their moral failings.

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