I’m every woman

The 2022 version of the classic false premise question, “when did you stop beating your wife?” is:

What is the definition of ‘woman’?

Hilariously, it’s catching out all sorts of people. To be fair to the left wing politicians and Supreme Court nominees, it is an absolute gotchya question, designed to trip you up.

The two popular answers are, “adult human female” and “anyone who identifies as a woman”, and either will get you into huge trouble on social media and neither are particularly satisfactory.

The first is somewhat circular as it relies on another inferred definition, “female”. What’s a woman? It’s a female. What’s a female? It’s a woman. Turtles all the way down.

The second makes the usual error of the left-leaning in that it assumes we can over-rule or or completely discount human nature and response to incentives as a factor. Probably a billion family trees have ended abruptly due to that mistake and several women have been raped in female only prisons in the last few years for the same reason.

The husband and wife biologists on the Dark Horse podcast have an interesting discussion on their latest episode where they explore the underpinning biological reality of sex in our species and others. It’s an educational chat and debunks some of the more insane hot takes to be found on the digital Beldam that is social media. But it still misses the mark.

What we need is a pithy, definitive reply to the question. One that deals with the existence of the extremely rare genetic mutations we class as intersex and the increasingly vocal category we used to categorise as gender dysphoria but now call “stunning and brave” and invite into primary schools to read stories to pre-pubescent children.

Bill’s Opinion

The correct answer when asked the question, “what is the definition of ‘woman’?” is, in the words of Justice Potter Stewart:

I know it when I see it”.

Remember our handy heuristic; If you find your inner voice saying something along the lines of, “Christ, that’s an ugly man/woman“, it’ll be because they aren’t.

Use that as the basis of your response. Trust the tools evolution has equipped you with. If someone wants to play language games with you, put it back to them; “show me a picture of someone whose sex is unclear to you and I’ll try help you work it out for that specific case”.

Of course, this answer is probably more helpful to those who’d normally answer, “adult human female” than the other answer, but I’ll put it out there for royalty-free usage anyway.

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  1. “…either will get you into huge trouble on social media…”

    The trick here is not giving a shit. Trying to appease the morons on social media is what built clown world in the first place.

    1. Of course. But none of us will ever be asked the question anyway because we live in the real world where it’s not an important area needing clarification.

  2. “I am not a human, I am a narcisstic diety”, that is my blunt response

    I believe there is a steady increase of narcissistic traits in most societies, especially those that have a heavy western media diet. It is such an insidious bugger cos it is celebrated for it’s outward professionalism and success, popularity.

    Identity, Division, Me Too, So Fucking Special, Exceptionalism

  3. I met this really hot chick in a club. She said, “Follow me back to my place.” I said, “Sorry, I got a lift with my buddy over there because my car’s in the shop.” She said, “That’s okay, ride with me.” The first inkling I had that something was amiss was when she reverse parked in this tiny little space at the first try.

    You do not always know it when you see it. Not unless you see the full beaver, or giving birth.

    To prove my homophobic and racist credentials, did you know that “Caster Semenyana” is an anagram for “Yes a secret man.”

    1. I know a few of these stories. A mate on a rugby tour is the protagonist of one of them.

      Coincidentally, they all start with “I met this woman in a ”.

      Just sayin’

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