A long time between drinks

Life has somewhat got in the way of maintaining this organ recently, for which I apologise.

By way of recompense, I’ll put an unusually personal post up today.

Two months ago, I posted this little missive, which ended with some advice:

  • Find a doctor who will give you a vaccine exemption. It might be accepted by employers, airlines, restaurants and governments for a while,
  • If you are eligible for a passport from another country, apply. Having options is wise. Ask any American male with a Canadian passport during the Vietnam draft era.
  • Consider alternative education models for your children. Take control of their curriculum and hire tutors. If you stay within the current system, focus them on what matters only. STEM.
  • Spread your assets across jurisdictions. Be nimble.
  • Perhaps move away from major population centres, if these are where all the police and army presence is focused.
  • Learn to sail. If you one day find it necessary to steal a yacht from the harbour and sail away, having the skills learned in the Day Skipper qualification would be important

What of this, if any, have I since done?

All of the above, with the exception of learning to sail, that’s a skill I’ve had for a while.

I found a doctor who’d provide an exemption, just in time as my employer brought in a no jab, no job policy. Firing me now will be expensive for them. Don’t bother asking for the doctor’s details; they’ve since been told by the Dept. of Health to stop writing them.

I renewed the family’s second passports. Nice post-Brexit blue ones too.

Our kids have left the education system and are now homeschooling on the Euka programme. It’s very good and Year 9 English, in particular, is studying the classics rather than this piece of bollocks they were sent home with from the high school last term.

Our assets are now split across two jurisdictions. A house here, cash and pensions elsewhere.

We move house next month. We’re leaving Sydney and will be living in a small community within an acceptable commute from my work, assuming I’ll ever need to go there again. in addition, I’m looking for work internationally, pitching myself at employers with global roles who would need people who can work flexible hours.

….and this winter I’ll be putting my yacht on a stand in the driveway to renovate it and upgrade it to being capable of long ocean passages.

Bill’s Opinion

Predictions I would have dismissed as on the extreme lunatic fringe two years ago are now reality.

The smart thing to do with that knowledge is to assume other dire predictions are more possible than you would have previously assumed and prepare to ensure you have options to avoid these if they were to happen.

Everything is a balance of course, you don’t want to be the Kung Flu equivalent of the Heaven’s Gate disciples, but listening to what is being said about mandatory this and compulsory that, and responding accordingly would be wise.

7 Replies to “A long time between drinks”

  1. I appreciate the advice, particularly about the home schooling (keeping it in reserve for now). I couldn’t agree more about how nutty this would have been just two years ago, but here we are. As the saying goes, better a year early than a day too late.

    1. Which state are you in? In NSW, it takes about four weeks from application to acceptance by the Dept. of Ed. for homeschooling.

      The $120 (from memory) Euka charge to draft the paperwork is good value.

      The vaccine bus arrives at our old high school in two week’s time.

      1. Yep, NSW. No talk of a vaccine bus at my child’s high school as yet (the standard HPV etc one yes, but the experimentals, no). Side note: I’ve been a staunch pro-vaccine parent until now but the slide into totalitarianism with lashings of propaganda and lies are making me question that stance.

        1. Yes, nothing convinces me more about the safety of a vaccine than laws, demonisation, restrictions of freedom, closing down of social media dissent, and threats telling me to take it.

          Usually with vaccines, I tend to seek them out because they, /checks notes/ do what they are supposed to do.

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