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Hopefully, if you’re a regular reader here, you don’t have me categorised as a conspiracy theorist. I’ve made it clear I’m a follower of Hanlon’s Razor, and don’t spend too much time trying to understand the “why?” of situations I stand no chance of parsing.

We don’t need to assume motives to extrapolate the present to the future though. Frankly, after the last 21 months of thinking to ourselves, “surely they won’t do that here?” about policies that were subsequently imposed on us shortly thereafter, we should expect more to come.

At some point, we probably ought to take notice of this trend and use it to predict the future. Even more so for those of us in The Lucky Country as we’ve only moved on slightly from the old joke;

As the plane lands at Sydney airport, the captain announces, “welcome to Kingsford Smith International Airport. The local temperature is 32 degrees and the local time is, oh, about 1992”.

We’ve managed to close the time difference these days, and we’re now only about six to nine months behind the developed world. In theory, this is great news; we can look at what’s happening in the northern hemisphere, see what to expect, and learn from their mistakes.

And, if you believe that, I’ve got a Harbour Bridge and an effective and perfectly safe vaccine I can sell you.

So, a little early this year, here’s my predictions for our next year:

Bill’s Predictions for 2022

  1. New South Wales will remove all local covid-related restrictions for everyone on December 15th, regardless of vaccine status, as promised.
  2. Following an increase of cases in late January, New South Wales will recommence the daily theatre of public health officials giving press conferences.
  3. Completely unrelated to the virus, hospitals will begin to see spikes in admissions for a range of issues, including late diagnoses of cancer. Victoria has already seen a foreshadow of what is happening in the USA.
  4. Australian states will revert to lockdown restriction in May.
  5. A high profile public official known for their lockdown zealotry will be murdered, most likely in the USA but possibly in Victoria.
  6. The NASDAQ will blow past previous record highs. Oil and gas, uranium, gold and Bitcoin will rise even faster. Inflation will continue on its perma-transitory journey and central bank interest rates will stay static. Lending rates will rise.
  7. There will be several high profile on-pitch collapses of previously fit athletes.
  8. Vaccine passports will be introduced in most western countries, eventually conforming to a UN standard. Other useful data will be added to the certificate.
  9. A smaller country, perhaps Singapore, will trial Central Bank Digital Currency.
  10. Several long haul flights will crash in mysterious circumstances. Maintenance diligence during 2020/21 will be found to be the eventual cause.
  11. Alec Baldwin will open a successful YouTube channel advocating the 2nd Amendment. His wife will translate for South American viewers.
  12. Petty crime rates will begin to rise significantly during the year.
  13. There will be a copycat spate of violent riots during the northern hemisphere summer.
  14. Taiwan will propose a referendum for 2023 to consider China’s proposal for reunification.
  15. President Kamala Harris is sworn in following her use of the 25th amendment after several conspicuous public dementia episodes by Joe Biden.

Bill’s Opinion

Who knows, eh? Things I would have thought were conspiracy theories and paranoia previously, have been our reality for nearly two years now.

Rather in the way I sometimes put people I like on my Deadpool competition selection, I’m very much hoping all of the above is just silly speculation.

Let’s review the list in 12 months, shall we.


Well, that didn’t take long. Already, the epidemiologists are calling for a return to personal relevance covid restrictions.

I can’t help thinking epidemiologists in 2020/21 are the equivalent of Palo Alto engineers suddenly discovering their high status job has instantly raised them from a 2/10 to an 8/10 with hot women. Who can blame them for not wanting that to end?

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  1. Responses:

    1. Goalposts have already been moved from the 1st to 15th so I’m not sure about this. Health Hazard says he’s not comfortable with 95%.
    2. Agreed.
    3. Agreed, already happening in WA. In time, blame will be directed to the unvaxxed in spite of ample evidence to the contrary.
    4. Agreed.
    5. Improbable but not impossible. I have been wondering if (particularly in Victoria) they were attempting to provoke such an attack. This would trigger (pardon the pun) an immediate total ban on private firearm ownership. This would constitute a giant red flag for what’s in the pipeline if it happens.
    6. Can’t imagine interest rates rising here, they’re too vested in ZIRP.
    7. Already happening overseas.
    8. Agreed.
    9. Makes sense, phasing out cash will be the only way to dismantle parallel structures. I read in the comments on another site where someone had found, via Fakeborg, a hairdresser who cuts the unvaxxed hair. This will be stamped out via cashless society and biometrics/digital ID.
    10. Plausible.
    11. I know tangentially about the shooting and his previous anti gun stance but I got nothing here, assuming satire.
    12. Plausible. Going to be a lot of unemployed, unhappy people.
    13. Plausible. It won’t be reported in mainstream media whatever happens.
    14. Possible, not sure how puppet their government has become.
    15. Plausible, not sure the Obama faction wants her running the show. Tapioca Joe is easier to control “I’ll say whatever you want me to say Nance.” https://www.rt.com/usa/517149-biden-happy-questions-white-house/

    1. 11 was light relief, obviously.

      The winter lockdowns have started in Europe, I note.

      At least we have fair warning about what April in Australia will look like.

      1. Yep, Scummo will eat his words over “no more lockdowns” but as a career politician it’s not like he cares about one more blatant lie. The unjabbed will shoulder the blame for this, not sure how but in a world where up is down and 2+2=5 it’s not hard for them to spin it onto any group of their choosing.

        The only difference this winter is, are they going to round people up and put them in detention facilities? Prepare accordingly https://youtu.be/SxbTlgjk5xM

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