Have you got it yet?

According to Waters, Barrett came into what would be their last rehearsal session together with a new song. He was calling it, “Have You Got It Yet?,” and the first couple times they ran through it, it seemed simple enough. Soon the band realized that the song wasn’t simple at all – Barrett would change the melody and the arrangement constantly with each new practice run – slightly at first, but more and more each time they played it. Barrett would play it again for them, with the capricious structure changes, and each time he would ask, “Have you got it yet?”

Exhibit A: you’d better have 3 vaccines or you can’t earn minimum wage in Victoria. Meanwhile, please come and play in our world class tennis event, no need to have a single shot.

Exhibit B: rare, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare side effects. Meanwhile, it’s perfectly safe, so safe we have to threaten you with losing your income to ensure you take it.

Exhibit C: your three year old son is a threat to the State’s health so you can’t be reunited with him. Meanwhile, I’m flying to Tokyo and back for a taxpayer funded jolly to ink a deal with only one bidder.

Exhibit D: if you thought breathing through a face nappy was difficult, try it with a hand around your throat. Meanwhile, we pulled the science behind those rules out of our arse.

Bill’s Opinion

As Syd Barrett once asked, “have you got it yet?”.

If this ever was about public health, it stopped being based on fact or logic a very long time ago.

Now, it’s about remaining in power because losing it might mean criminal prosecutions or worse.

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  1. Following one of your previous posts about surviving the Covidian tyranny, I’ve been thinking about how it might end as well as what could be done to help end it. I can think of three broad ways it might end.

    One is legal challenges and protests causing regime change. We have had some small changes in Victoria and NSW so this is not impossible. These challenges and protests can be supported. However, that is a bit risky with the way governments and the media have been willing to go pretty hard against dissenters. They know there is opposition, but have been suppressing it and delegitimising it.

    The second option is a major (semi-) external shock such as logistical problems leading to shortages, rising inflation, China attacking Taiwan or large numbers of serious complications from the vexines. I don’t want this type of change because it would be very bad for lots of non-elite people. While this could potentially end the Covidian tyranny, because governments would have other things to deal with, it could easily give governments excuses for worse tyranny.

    The final way I can see the Covidian tyranny ending is when enough people get bored or tired of it. When lots of people ignore the media and governments, and just get on with their lives as best they can then the tyranny may fade away. This could be encouraged by ignoring much of the media and changing the topic when people talk about COVID.

    1. I think we got “lucky” (for certain values of lucky) with Perrottet in NSW as he’s the only party politician I’ve heard speak out against the medical segregationists and it looks as if after December 1st he’ll be as good as his word. After that date it’ll depend if he can withstand the pressure from the media about “case numbers(!!)” and “brace for nth wave/varient”. It looks to me like Victoria has fallen, I don’t see any hope there. Get out if you can.

      Agree about the external shock, would likely just make things even worse.

      The ignore and fade is somewhat how we got into this situation. For many years our politicians have been voting themselves ever more intrusive powers over our daily lives and yet in typical Australian fashion the public either don’t know or think “Yeah, but they’ll never use that” or “It’s only against criminals, not me”. Having said that, it’s the most likely outcome.

      In some ways I think we’ve reached the point where, as some Americans are fond of saying, TINVOWOOT – There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This. We basically have a Uniparty, and no politician gets into government to dismantle its powers and overreach. I assume we’ll just continue along the road to totalitarianism, we’re already a fair way along IMO, eg:

      Soon outside of TOR sites there will likely be nowhere to criticise the government: https://tottnews.com/2021/10/25/australian-federal-police-cyber-increase/

      Social credit score, I mean “digital identity” shortly to be legislated:
      https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/ (sell the sizzle!)

      Ah, the boot, stomping on the face. For eternity.

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