Australians can’t/won’t read data

The Australian government has published data about mortality in 2020.

It’s barely got a mention in any of the media outlets. That’s fair enough, there’s probably nothing of interest to most people anyway.

Despite this, let’s have a quick look, shall we?

Cherry-picking their own words:

Key statistics

In 2020 there was a decrease in mortality in Australia.

COVID-19 was the 38th leading cause of death (898 deaths).

The five leading causes decreased, with a significant reduction in respiratory diseases.

Rates from suicide, drug overdoses and car crashes decreased.

Alcohol-induced death rates increased by 8.3%.

Some other nuggets from the summary:

(The) median age at death (from/with covid) was 86 years. (The usual median age of death in Australia is 79).

Dementia was the most common pre-existing condition (of Covid deaths).

Chronic cardiac conditions, hypertension and diabetes were also commonly reported comorbidities (with Covid).

Influenza and pneumonia mortality had the highest proportional rate decrease of all respiratory diseases with a drop of 45.8% from 2019.

There were 55 people who died from influenza. This compares to 1,080 in 2019.

Bill’s Opinion

It’s a modern medical miracle; we’ve cured the ‘flu.

Also, we’ve locked up all the kids for two years to save grandma and grandad from a disease that has a median age of death (86) that’s 7 years older than the national median age of death.

Well done everyone, seriously well done.

4 Replies to “Australians can’t/won’t read data”

  1. It’s important to remember that there’s nothing unprecedented about what happening. Even in our lifetimes we had the War on Terror, whose emergency powers governments are now using to identify and crush protesters.
    The best analogue from modern history is Prohibition. That was an unusual case where people came to their senses all at once. Maybe a new Depression will do the same for us.
    A nation can only afford these bouts of madness during times of plenty.

  2. Do you mean that in spite of Total Blitzkrieg, people were still dying? Disgusting. It wasn’t total enough.

  3. I’m waiting to hear a politician, anywhere in the world, state,”We got it wrong. We’ve killed thousands with our ill-thought-out policies, which were based on panic, not medical science. And we’ve lied repeatedly to cover this up. And now millions have been poisoned and primed with an untried and untested concoction, which is likely to kill most of them within 2 – 3 years, due to ADE (cf Marek’s disease).
    And then do the decent thing and remove themselves from the world, the bloody oxygen thiefs.


      I don’t know. The virus utterly failed to live up to expectations, creating not even a blip in the death rate. How much worse can the vaccine be?

      (Hint: buy stock in vaccine-producers.)

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