Suppose They Gave a Law and Nobody Came

Day one of the ridiculous mandatory outdoor mask law in New South Wales.

An equally unscientific poll whilst driving around the local area suggests two thirds of the population don’t know about the new law or know about it and are ignoring it for the petty authoritarianism it is.

Mick Fuller and Gladys Berejiklian, it’s your move.

Bill’s Opinion

There must be nothing quite as terrifying for a State Premier and a Chief of Police than going through the process of creating a new law, publicising it and then trying to police it only to be met with the collective middle fingers of two thirds of the citizens.

What would you do at that point? A blitz of fines? Apologise and repeal it?

On balance, I think I’d try for a face-saving approach; “The medical advice has changed and we’re always following der science, innit”.

4 Replies to “Suppose They Gave a Law and Nobody Came”

  1. Based on their past performance, they’ll probably just intensify the so far only moderately successful denunciations campaign:

    The most troubling thing about that article for me is the caption:

    “Lockdown is normalising the presence of police and the defence force in Australian lives.”

    This is not the alarmist caption and call to arms it should be. I wonder what *else* the Party will be able to normalise in Australian lives? At what point will we stand up? Will it be too late by then?

    1. This is good in theory (I did chuckle at planting freedom seeds) but malicious compliance can easily turn into compliance compliance. Also, it makes the dimwits in charge believe their measures work.

      Unfortunately I think it’s all we’ve got for now. Burning the whole thing down isn’t likely to help much, tempting as it may be.

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