What is measured is managed

Just as the UK’s “envy of the world”, National Health Service became the National Covid Service in 2020, failing to keep millions of potentially life-saving appointments, the Australian media-political class has become a single issue organisation.

If a better example can be found than this, I’d love to see it; yesterday, a 15 year old boy tragically died in hospital.

What did he die of?


What was the narrative in the media and politics?


A little later in the morning, the sub headline was added which at least mentions the mild and irrelevant condition the poor kid also had whilst he was suffering with Kung Flu.

They can’t help themselves though. In the body of the report, this quote stands out:

“It is unclear exactly when Osama contracted Covid-19.”

The article has been re-written from earlier today, making it clearer the cause of death wasn’t Covid but the initial impact of the headline and article was that a 15 year old died of/with Covid.

Nowhere in the earlier or later version of the report was a statement or even speculation of the cause of his meningitis. Mere details, one supposes, compared to a seasonal respiratory virus he otherwise would have had a 0.002% chance of dying from.

What, then, should parents of teenage kids in Sydney be more concerned about; Covid or meningitis?

Bill’s Opinion

The media and our politicians are not fit for purpose. They probably haven’t been for decades but this is really the moment we need to realise it.

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  1. This article also caught my attention this morning. Without it being a defence of the media, it was the first time I had seen ‘with COVID’ in a headline. As opposed to the more usual “of COVID’. Or the more usual “COVID claims life of heart attack victim”.

    I duly clicked through, and I guess they substantiated their advertising dollars.

    I am fairly sure most people see through this garbage, and don’t believe much of what they see in the media. At least in my narrow cross section of acquaintances. So it depends on what purpose the media is filling for those people, which is probably different to the one they (the media) think they are, but they don’t care because all they want is the clicks/eyeballs, so the revenue continues.

    Except for the gormless folk who watch The Project, who like to receive their weekly flagellation from Waleed and co.

    1. “I am fairly sure most people see through this garbage, and don’t believe much of what they see in the media.”

      Would that this were true! If only it was so, we would not be quite so deep in the shit as we are now. From what I can see, the vast majority not only lap this up unquestioningly, but they actively look for more of the same.

      1. That’s my assessment too.
        If I had to guess, I would say no more than 15% of the people I know realise how fucked up this all is.

        I’ll let you know once we’ve set up a hamlet in Galt’s Gulch.

        1. Fair. Although my theory is that they know, but just don’t care enough to do anything about it.

          Similar to lockdown rules. There is growing irritation, people know it is rubbish, but we mostly comply.

  2. Can’t verify this story but apparently the Flu kills 30k Aussies each year.
    Since Covid started there have been Zero Flu cases.
    As I say, I can’t find the data but it is plausible given all the fudging of information so far.

    The CCP gave us Covid, they also gave our governments the idea to fudge numbers much more than before

    1. Hey KiwiBrar. This is a useful link.


      Pre-pandemic in 2018, the five year average was 107,450 identified cases. Deaths (5 yr ave) were 378.

      In 2021, there were 435 identified cases, and 0 deaths.

      2020 had 21,266 cases and 37 deaths.

      If I recall, 2017 was quite a severe season.

      I haven’t read the reports more than to pull the numbers out, but I suspect flu vaccine uptake is higher, given in some states you can’t see your elderly parent/s if they are in a home, unless you have been vaccinated. Transmission is clearly massively down, in particular in Victoria.

  3. In the words of Elon Musk:

    “if you were run over by a bus and died – but, you had contracted covid – then the cause of death is covid”

    Here endeth the story

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