Sunk cost opinions

Things are going to get interesting in the Covid Culture War.

The what? The Covid Culture War.

Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed the continuation of the Brexit/Trump/BLM bifurcation of politics and the media on to the reporting and policies around the Kung Flu.

The schism continued once the vaccines started being delivered too, with the dividing line starting with attitudes towards the risk associated with taking a nascent vaccine and then morphing in to the competing camps of opinion on what restrictions and mandates are we prepared to enforce on those who choose not to take it.

Get ready for the next stage in the journey, and this one is going to be both hilarious and instructive.

Inevitably, an effective therapeutic treatment for covid sufferers looks likely to have been discovered. Even better news, to date, Donald Trump hasn’t expressed an opinion so people don’t necessarily have to like or hate it based on their emotional reactions to the Orange Man.

Just think; an effective and cheap therapeutic treatment of the lethal effects of this virus, without the concomitant risk of a vaccine less than a year old and therefore with no credible data on the long term side effects.

That’s good news, right?

Bill’s Opinion

We’re about to learn quite how down the rabbithole our political and media class have fallen.

The rational response to this news should be to applaud it, ask for Australia to be included in the Phase III trials and monitor the results closely. After all, Australia is well behind the curve on vaccinations whilst staring down the barrel of the type of outbreak the rest of the world experienced last year.

Rationally, this could be an excellent component of a multi-pronged strategy to protect the population.

My prediction, however, is that this will not be widely reported in Australia and the Phase III trials will occur somewhere, anywhere else.

In the meantime, authoritarian restrictions will continue and increase until the magic number of vaccinations have occurred…..and long afterwards. Sorry, but if you were hoping to hug an overseas relative next year, you probably ought to reset your expectations. Severely.

Of course, the best thing about this treatment is that it was developed by the Israelis, so will annoy all the right people.

3 Replies to “Sunk cost opinions”

  1. When anything new comes along, there’s a short period of uncertainty and backflipping before each team decides what side to take.
    Some right-wing writers were the first to suggest travel restrictions and facemasks, and were shouted down by the establishment left until they changed their minds on both.
    The left at first rejected the vaccine, saying they’d never take anything developed under Trump. The right were excited about the vaccine and angry that the news had been deliberately withheld until after the US election but later turned against it when Biden became its champion.
    The new drug is still in a state of flux but the one certainty is, we’ll be at each other’s throats about it soon enough. Arguments around its efficacy will be reduced to political point-scoring and dumb memes.

  2. The MSM reactions to it will depend on whether BigPharma can turn a profit with it – otherwise it’ll be shot down to protect their current poison jabs.
    Cf HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc Sulphate, Vitamin D3, Azithromycin – all cheap and all alleviate the worst symptoms; promoted by >5000 GPs worldwide, but all slandered & vilified by the MSM (as demanded by BigPharma to protect their profits, plus “Trump said they work”).

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