The cruel social experiment continues

In the same week:

Caitlyn Jenner arrives in Sydney.

Katie Hopkins arrives in Sydney.

Queen’sland Premier departs for the Tokyo Olympics after jumping the queue for a vaccine.

The residents of the Sydney suburb of Fairfield are under house arrest.

There’s something for everyone, heh?

If you think putting a bit of lippy on and acting out an autogynephiliac fantasy is stunning and brave, Caitlyn neé Bruce is here for you.

If you like confrontational shock jock politics, Katie is at hand.

If you believe for an Olympic bid to be successful, an authoritarian Premier with more chins than the Hong Kong phone book needs to visit Tokyo rather than use Skype, Anna is going bring gold home for you.

And if you didn’t even know where Fairfield was until last week, but you assumed it was out west and filled with smelly immigrants, the Westies will take one for the team and you.

At what point do people just say, “nah, fuck this”?

Bill’s Opinion

I think the answer to my question above is, not for a long while yet. It’s obvious we can all take a hell of a lot more hypocrisy, removal of freedom and hectoring by our ruling class and media before we decide we’ve had enough.

It’s an interesting social experiment though. I wonder when the result will be published?

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  1. In the UK we have isolation if you come into contact with someone with covid. However there is a “pilot scheme” to replace this with daily testing.

    Every member of the pilot scheme is either a government minister or someone who works for them.

    See also House of Commons – MPs to be freed from mask wearing but flunkies must continue to do so (from “freedom day”). Surely the other way round would make more sense given MPs greater contact with people.

  2. The point of being elite is being special. They used to have all the best spots to themselves on their Grand Tours of Europe but now even bogans from Fairfield can afford an economy trip abroad. The elites are putting us back in our place by making such things too expensive or difficult.
    Same goes for banning meat for plebs so they can be taller than us again, mandatory electric cars so they have the roads to themselves, home ownership, etc.

  3. “At what point do people just say, “nah, fuck this”?”

    Given what the Germans did to the Jews, slowly removing all rights until – well, you know, I don’t think people will reach that point unfortunately.

    Here on the Emerald Isle, home of the most incompetent government in the Western Hemisphere, most of the people – the ones allowed to speak in the media at least – are quite happy to go along under lockdown ‘lite’. The people I work with seem to have gone completely nuts. They’re happy for the coming two-tier society with the unvaxed forced to eat outside, for starters, can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I honestly think if I copped to not being vaccinated they’d refuse to let me in the office, if the spittle-flecked rage I’ve seen when discussing the subject in online meetings is any guide.

    I’ve certainly reached the “nah, FUCK this” point but what do I do? I’ve asked this elsewhere, I assume to remote, unseen shoulder shrugs as no one’s ever responded. I have a mortgage and two kids to get through school, what do I do, on my own, that doesn’t result in a massive negative effect on my life with zero change to the current situation?

    I don’t know but it’s definitely not looking good.

    1. Welcome, Tom.
      Who could have guessed that the route to totalitarianism was as simple as paying people to stay in their pyjamas for 18 months?

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