Thank you for your service

Have you been “jabbed” yet? If not, are you angry at the tardiness of the vaccine roll out or are you unconvinced of its long term safety?

Your answers to these questions have become the new line of division within Australia. How you answer identifies you as part of the “in group” or the “out group”.

The in group have decided the vaccine is both effective and safe, or at least, safe enough. The out group are unconvinced.

And, without throwing lots of links to various medical studies, statistics on the at risk age groups of death by covid, or the current logged instances of reported complications with the various vaccines, the schism is right there.

Full disclosure; I am in the out group. Everyone has their own personal reasons for taking or declining the vaccine. Mine are as follows:

  1. My age and underlying health suggests I would not have a severe outcome should I catch Covid
  2. I’m unconvinced by the evidence so far presented that the vaccines have been tested to an acceptable standard
  3. I’m unconvinced the inevitable cases of side effects are being reported to the correct authority to be collated and assessed
  4. In New South Wales, there is fewer than 1 case for every 100,000 people
  5. There is no evidence from countries ahead of Australia in rolling out vaccines that international travel will resume any time soon – one of the key promises made by our leaders
  6. Game Theory – I can still benefit from a vaccine without having to take an additional risk by taking it if enough of you lot do first

Even more helpfully, Australia’s favourite virtue signaller, Peter Fitzsimons, has been loudly and somewhat threateningly writing in his grammatically-challenged Sydney Morning Herald column about how it is our civic duty to take the cure. His latest offering is sub-headlined “Don’t forget where this pain in the arse disaster came from”.

I suspect he wants you to think, “the Liberal state government” in response to that prompter, whereas most people will racistly think, “erm, ‘Peter Daszek’s gain of function laboratory in Wuhan, China“.

But I am grateful to Pirate Pete for holding an opinion on this as it saves us all time from having to think too hard about it, as my handy decision tree below illustrates:

Bill’s Opinion

My decision is to not take the vaccine for probably another 2 years until I’ve seen enough evidence on the severity and distribution of side effects and the effectiveness of other prophylactic and therapeutic treatments of Covid.

The more people such as Fitzsimons label me as a “denier” or”anti-vaxxer”, the more entrenched in that view I am likely to become.

When it comes to other vaccines that have undertaken full scale clinical trials, I’ve had an arm full of them. Previously, before the Covid Curtain fell across our international departure gates, I had travelled to a full and diverse range of shithole countries (nearly all of which have the colour green on their flag, which may or may not be a coincidence), so had to take more precautions. I bet I own one more Yellow Fever certificate than most people reading this.

I’ll take the vaccine once my evaluation of the risk/reward ratio suggests it’s a good idea for me personally. In the meantime, I will respond as follows to people who loudly proclaim their righteous virtue and membership of the vaccine in group:

“Thank you for your selfless service by agreeing to participate in the trial, the results of which I eagerly anticipate reading in 2023”.

6 Replies to “Thank you for your service”

  1. The overwhelming majority of Australians, rightly or wrongly, although I think wrongly, support lockdown.

    The overwhelming majority of Australians, rightly etc. etc., don’t want to open up until everyone is vaccinated.

    The scientific term for your attitude is farting against thunder. Maybe you can get away without being pricked. Good on yer. It’s a free world. Everyone who is afraid of the virus and who thinks that the vaccine will make a difference, is free to go ahead and protect themselves. But if it really was a free world, those who think that the vaccine is bullshit must be free to say F.O. spells go. The only people they could possibly harm are themselves.

    1. “Farting against thunder” describes much of my adult life.
      Fortunately, my chosen diet facilitates the arms race.

  2. Agree 100% with everything you’ve said here, Bill.

    I don’t discuss Kung Flu with anyone much (not least because I’m sick to death of the whole business), but listening to people around me at work I’m still staggered by their ignorance. it’s like no-one is ever curious about anything anymore.

    1. We are living in the Great Bifurcation where people get their opinions assigned to them by the particular media flavour they consume.

  3. Just a couple of phrases to ponder about. Echo chamber, and bias confirmation. Oh and a thought, which is a quote from one of the many who turn out good quotes. In other words I can’t remember who it was. The free speech you need to defend most vigorously is the speech you disagree with.

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