Are any of them studying maths?

Universities will foot the bill for international students to return to NSW within weeks, with 250 students to arrive each fortnight on charter flights before quarantining in special accommodation.

The pilot program is expected to start within six weeks and will be scaled up by the end of the year to 500 students each fortnight.

As we discussed recently, in a normal year, Australia brings in about 650,000 students on the “pretend to study for a degree to get permanent residency” scheme.

So, at 250 students a fortnight, the university sector will be back to full capacity in about /checks calculator/ ten years. Five years if they got to the 500 a fortnight rate quickly. Assuming none of those students graduate in the meantime, obviously.

UPDATE: Yeah, my maths was shite today too. The point remains though, it’s lipstick on a pig.

Which is probably a fair assumption given they’re not really spending the money for the quality of the education, but the sticker in the passport.

Bill’s Opinion

I’m willing to bet there was recently a conversation along these lines:

University Chancellors: You’ve got to do something, we’re dying on our arses here. Where our bail out?

State Treasurer: Ok, if you foot the bill for the quarantine accommodation, you can bring in as manly as you want. Roughly how many would that be?

University Chancellors: (stares at shoes, awkwardly).

(By the way, apologies for the lack of verbosity here recently; I’ve been a little distracted. Normal service will be resumed now).

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  1. My understanding is that, like here in the Great White North, foreign students pay full freight for tuition – not quite like going to Stanford at ~$55K USD/year, but maybe $20K USD? If Mum and Dad are willing to stump up for that just to get the citizenship foot in the door / western degree / kids out of their hair, surely they are willing to pay for a flight (what, $500?), and a quarantine period so that the red-diaper princeling can resume studies.

    1. That’s what I thought. Surely they’d just punt the cost onto the fees? So, it’s just a bit of lip service to shut the Universities up.

    2. There are immies and there are immies.

      The Colombian type have nothing to lose back home so they head for the US border. The Syrian type are those who have the cash to pay the traffickers.

      If the Asian type are self-sustaining and won’t become benefits leeches, immigration is a Good Thing. It’s called the Boom Town Effect.

      Here in Sunny South Africa, employers love immies, the more illegal the better. They didn’t come here for the non-existent benefits. They came to escape war and the usual misery of kleptocratic socialist states, and lift themselves up by their bootstraps. They’re not full of shit.

  2. I may be wrong but I think you misplaced a decimal point. At 500 per fortnight, or 13000 per year I keep coming to 50 years to get back to 650000 students. I would be surprised if a great many of those did not either graduate or give up in that period.

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