Jenna Hates men…

….who won’t fund her friends’ Quangos.

Although, it’s probably a safe bet she hates men in general. You’d likely get about 3-1 from Ladbrokes if you could bet against her misandry, particularly since the messy divorce and the birth of his new baby.

Anyway, the usual unreadable prose is offered today, relying on the tried and tested recipe of taking three unrelated reasons to clutch at pearls, then thread them together with a pure weft of golden tenuousness.

The conclusion to these appeals always seem to use the same formula too; everyone else must change and, by the way, pay.

Today, for example, something something consenting adults are having sex in Canberra, something something two allegations of sexual harassment, something something human rights, something something, you need to pay:

So much of this is easy. It’s about money. But it is also about will. And so far this government has not shown it has it. And I do not know whether even the current events are enough to push it to act. No matter what the now paused Gaetjens’ inquiry reveals, nor the Foster review nor Kate Jenkins’s review, nor last night’s embarrassments.

Bill’s Opinion

Do the left have any other emotional response than to project?

The people most likely to say words to the effect of, “the tories are fixated with money” just happen to be the ones most eager to get their hands on your money.

What’s particularly amusing is their inability to see the disconnect between the following two positions:

The government is venal, incompetent and analogous to some of the worst humans to have ever walked the planet”.


This crisis requires government intervention and legislation to give them more power over our lives”.

Imagine the level of cognitive dissonance needed to simultaneously despise the power of the government but remain optimistic it’ll all be fixed once we replace them with the next lot and let them spend more of our money.

If you’ve lived long enough to suffer male pattern baldness or the menopause and you still have such childish thoughts, you may want to spend some moments in quiet reflection.

Finally, the William of Ockham solution to sexual harassment and worse in the Federal Parliament building is very straightforward; make it subject to the same legislation they’ve imposed on remote aboriginal communities and for the same reason.

Ban alcohol in the Australian Capital Territory.

What’s good for the goose is good for the Canberra.

4 Replies to “Jenna Hates men…”

  1. Jenna doesn’t reserve her loathing solely for men, it would seem. You may have noticed an article in the paywalled The Australian regarding the troubles ex-Media watch host Monica Attard was having while heading up Australia’s “top journalism school” at UTS.

    The trouble was with Jenna, and another female high profile journalist Sue Stephenson. Sue is so high profile I don’t recall reading any of her work. Perhaps I was busy that day, intersecting with my peers. I do recall Monica, as from time to time I found Media Watch of interest. Not so much recently though. They appear to have been so overworked, that Sue had “two collapses and two medical emergencies”. Poor thing, she doesn’t seem well cut out for this work.

    In any case, I do wonder what they teach at that school given your observations above, and the general thread of Jenna’s articles.

    An interesting hint in the article, with Monica explaining that with the “discipline expanding to take in creative writing, its a great time for renewal”. I could be reading this incorrectly, but it could explain quite a lot about Jenna’s work.

    1. “I do wonder what they teach at that school given your observations above, and the general thread of Jenna’s articles.”

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest she teaches something ending in “studies” or “science” (ie it isn’t).

  2. “What’s good for the goose is good for the Canberra.”

    One of your best, Bill, one of your best.

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