Pole Position Patronising

Motorsports don’t float my boat; I would rather repeatedly slam my dick in a drawer for an hour instead of expending time and money to watch other people drive around a track.

However, some people must think it has merit.

Consequently, there’s an event in the USA called The Daytona 500. Cars, driving around a track for a long time, that kind of thing.

Fascinating, I’m sure.

Quite rightly, the sports network, ESPN, report on it.

Here’s an article, for example:

The headline may confuse you. Let me explain; a driver, who happens to be of a particular ethnicity, was briefly in the lead in a 200 lap, 800 mile race. He subsequently finished 17th.

This, apparently, is historic and very much worthy of being written about on a global sports website.

Bill’s Opinion

Is it possible to write a more patronising and condescending article?

I don’t know anything about Bubba Wallace (see my admission above about how uninterested I am in motor sports) but, if he’s like every adult human I’ve ever met, I imagine he would be hugely embarrassed by this article.

Perhaps the only way this would have been more infantilising would be if ESPN had created a special participation award for Bubba’s 1 in 200 lap lead.

In 2021, we are constantly chided for our apparent racism by the sort of people who write these articles. Yet it has seemingly never crossed the author’s mind that, by treating Bubba Wallace like a small child participating in a Primary School sports day, they are demonstrating extreme racism; the racism of low expectations.

I sincerely wish Bubba all the best and hope he one day learns how to drive fast enough to beat drivers of other ethnicities.

I won’t be watching the race though, as I have an urgent appointment with a chest of drawers.

You’re all winners!

6 Replies to “Pole Position Patronising”

  1. Bubba Smollet is well known (the informal surname replacement surname is a clue), not for being a professional race driver, where he usually comes in just ahead of the streetsweeper that goes out to clean the track.

    The only way he’s going to win is when racial privilege is levelled by installing a lawnmower motor in all whitey driven cars, & making them tow a 5-tonne trailer of scrap metal, while Jussie Wallace gets behind the wheel of a rocket powered F1 machine.

  2. The best race driver in the World is Sir Lewis Hamilton. Who happens to be black. Which was a big deal when he first started winning. But now nobody cares.

    1. But of course now, because it is in fashion, the cunt has gone all-in on the BLM hype train, hilariously championing racial causes while piloting the Nazi war machine’s most famous brand. In a move typical of clown world, Mercedes painted their car black all year, because, as we all know, this bullshit is just skin deep.

      Too bad the insane cannot be compromised with – we could have brought back grid girls on the condition that said hotties must represent the host country’s racial demographic mix and then let the healing begin.

  3. What about the Twenty Four Hours of Lemons? Anyone can enter and for your hundred bucks or whatever you get an hour on the track.

  4. Kjerulf – Hamilton is a very good driver, who has been fortunate to find himself in an absurdly dominant car. Ditto what Sam says – the man is a prick, through and through.

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