Where’s the marketing Anzac spirit?

Well, this is disappointing:

No, not that the Australian vaccine is a failure, but the reaction by Australian marketing teams to not take this news as a personal challenge in that legendary Aussie battler spirit.

Come on, all you hairy MarComs teams sitting on beanbags in loft offices in the suburbs of Glebe, St Kilda and /struggles to name a hipster suburb of Brisbogan/, where’s your Anzac spirit?

Surely there must be a gun marketing team out there ready to accept the challenge of promoting a vaccine that “cures covid with just a mild case of AIDS as a side effect”?

Somewhere in Australia is a team of professionals who are earning a good salary from convincing people to put Jägermeister-based drinks into their bodies.

If not the Jägermeister team, how about the people tasked with selling anything in the genre, ABC comedy, to the unwitting public? Those people could sell fridges to Eskimos (are we allowed to call them Eskimos in 2020? It’s hard to stay current in these things).

Bill’s Opinion

Fans of Game Theory will recognise the question of whether or not to take a fast-tracked vaccine for Kung Flu as being a classic example of the Nash Equilibrium.

My personal strategy is to loudly proclaim my desire to take the vaccine, lie when asked and say I’ve had it once it’s available, wait a year or so to see whether my fellow citizens develop debilitating side effects and then, maybe, take the damn thing if they haven’t.

But nothing will convince me the ABC could produce anything remotely resembling comedy. Not even if I’d chugged a bottle of neat Jägermeister.

5 Replies to “Where’s the marketing Anzac spirit?”

  1. Quite, we all know what happened with the cure for all cancers in “I am Legend”, (I much preferred Omega Man myself).

  2. Nah, if it’s the miracle snake oil being promised you won’t need to take it, for the liberty cancelling scourge will find no purchase on our herd.

    1. “….. for the liberty cancelling scourge will find no purchase on our herd.”

      Until the precise moment the Pink Leprechaun makes good on his promise of “no jab, no fly”.

      1. I wonder how many of our “leaders” are going to be first in line for the jab? I submit that to set an example to us plebs that ALL Federal and State politicians (and Captains of Industry) be the first to be innoculated with this safe and totally tested vaccine.

        1. “I wonder how many of our “leaders” are going to be first in line for the jab?”

          And you’d believe the TV image of them having the injection? How cute.

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