Douglas Bader is cancelled

Two legs good, no legs better….

Imagine being named after the wife of William Shakespeare and having a 21 year career as a Hollywood actress and yet not understanding the meaning of the verb, “acting“?

Anne Hathaway seems not to know that three-fingered witches capable of magic aren’t real;

Bill’s Opinion

Of course she knows witches aren’t real and that acting is pretending to be someone/thing you aren’t.

She’s signalling, “please don’t hurt me” to a very small group of people on social media, intoxicated by the power to make famous people do and say things when threatened.

The correct response, particularly when one is a multi-millionaire capable of living comfortably without having to work for the remainder of one’s life, is “oh do fuck off; nobody is really offended and, even if they were, it’s a great life lesson to toughen the fuck up or never engage with the outside world again”.

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  1. That’s the correct response for most people, for whom work is a means to an end, and who have a normal non-pathological relationship with those affected by their work. But Hathaway is an actress. The poor woman really does want to be thought well of by people who have no connection with her whatsoever, and who she will never meet. She can’t rest until the last drop of dislike or indifference in her world has been expunged.

    1. Yep, that’s a reasonable conclusion. Doesn’t have to yet still does beg for mercy; it’s a psychological flaw to need to be loved by all.

      Fortunately I have no such disability.

    2. Agreed 100%. The lockdowns have laid bare many things we long suspected, including that Hollywood creatures crave attention like a San Francisco vagrant craves heroin, but with less dignity than the street addict.

      It would be really funny if it weren’t for the whole destruction of civilization thing.

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