They used to hate us for our Freedom

Thousands of NSW businesses have less than two weeks to implement digital registration systems to record customers’ contact details before authorities will start issuing fines.
Businesses required to comply include hospitality venues, entertainment venues, public swimming pools, beauty salons, zoos and strip clubs.

We can perhaps have a chuckle at the consternation this announcement will have induced in the NSW Union of Stripclub Owners when considering the impact on their businesses when punters have to sign in digitally and be logged on a database every time they attend their premises.

Today is November 12th. Australia has had almost a week of no locally-acquired cases of Kung Flu. The peak of known cases of the virus in Australia was in April.

Curious minds might ask why, seven months later, we now need intrusive data collection mandated by law (and its inferred monopoly on violence)?

More curious minds might also wonder why the commentariat and public voices in the media are not asking the same question?

Bill’s Opinion

As I wrote in April, the rush to further legislate into the day to day minutiae of regular people going about their everyday lives is disproportionate and very certainly not temporary, as our “war on terror” lessons have shown.

Almost all of this legislation will never be wound back. Freedoms are rarely expanded, particularly when they were initially removed “for the public good“.

I, for one, am not OK with this, at all.

Are you?

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.
H. L. Mencken.

7 Replies to “They used to hate us for our Freedom”

  1. Up here in the Old Dart, the govt has promised to repeal these extra rules / laws at the end of the ‘covid scare’. I expect this means that the ‘covid scare’ will last until about 2067.

  2. Those not happy with providing personal information at every venue they attend will either stop going to some venues, or there will be a marked increase in the number of NSW’s resident’s named Moira Mains and Richard Cranium. After all, most venues (at least in my experience in QLD) are only interested in the green tick.

    1. There’s a paper version one can complete usually.

      It’s the café who cops the fine, not the punter. Of course, that will result in a behaviour change by the café staff though.

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