What we have here is a failure of imagination

If the bookies are a good indicator, it’s President Kamala Harris Joe Biden for the next term.

There will be much celebration and gnashing of teeth depending on people’s preferences and biases, obviously.

Despite the probable win, the fact the election was so close will not be a comfort to the Democrats. After all, if nearly half the vote went to this “literally Hitler” orange man, what does that say about the Democrats’ persuasiveness that theirs was the morally-correct path?

Commentators have spotted this, for example this Daily Mirror opinion piece wondering why 17% of black voters couldn’t spot Trump’s racism.

This one is amusing too;

Until about five minutes ago, Emma was a high profile journalist. That she is unable to understand the possible motivation of almost half the voting population, probably goes quite some way to explaining the reason behind her recent sudden change of career.

Bill’s Opinion

One of the key requirements for a journalist must surely be an ability to empathise, or at least know of the major reasons behind other people’s opinions. Not to agree with, but at least to form a good understanding of their key grievances and motivations.

That so many professional commentators are clearly and publicly incapable of this basic human characteristic, suggests a life lived exclusively in one hermetically sealed opinion echo chamber.

Check whether this applies to you; if you’re of the left, try to list the five best arguments in favour of free markets and, if you’re a free market kinda person, do the same for the left.

See? Easy isn’t it? You don’t have to agree with the other opinion to understand it. In fact, it’s necessary to make every effort in order for us to live peacefully together.

Being incapable of that simple act of empathy indicates a total failure of imagination.

Let’s hope that’s not a skill one needs in the role of “Chief Strategy Government Relations & Communications” for an insurance aggregator website company, otherwise Emma will be making a custard of that job too, despite it being a bit of a bullshit job reliant almost entirely on who you know, not what you know.

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  1. I happened to be investing/wasting my time at updating various website things when this popped up. A welcome distraction.

    Is it likely that one of the key requirements for a journalist is not empathy, but simply the ability to put out opinions sufficiently inciting that enough people will click the link, or otherwise engage their eyeballs? Thereby supporting you financially. Even for the ABC, they don’t like people who simply shout into an empty space, you must have an audience.

    Empathy has nothing to do with it, and is likely just a hindrance. They know the truth, and aren’t curious about the alternatives offered by others.

    But you knew this already?

  2. You’re being gaslit.

    That all the establishment mass media are beating the same drum, even as Google, Facebook and Twitter collude to repeat their tunes (while silencing, shadow-banning and deplatforming any one not part of the choir) does not make their performance = reality.

    During Der Gulf Krieg #1, I discovered that T.V. news hacks in Vienna were saying the exact same moronic baloney as in San Diego. It hasn’t gotten any better since then.

    You’ll know the Bidenreich is more than a 50/50 proposition here in the U.S. when KKKamala gives up her Senate seat.

    Don’t listen to what they tell you: watch what they do.

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