Going postal

This story is messily complicated, there are many moving parts and, depending on your prior personal views, you can find positives, negatives or justification within it.

My summary follows;

  • A public housing block in Melbourne, mainly populated by immigrants, is under lockdown following a large cluster of the virus.
  • Controversial politician, Pauline Hanson, made anti-immigrant comments as a consequence.
  • She then posted branded cheap items to the residents.
  • Australia Post is relying on her vote to pass a bill in the organisation’s favour.
  • The City of Melbourne prevented the post from being delivered.
  • Australia Post CEO threatened police action as a consequence.

Depending on your view, you might think Hanson is despicable, Australia Post’s CEO is conflicted or The City of Melbourne have over-reached their authority.

Then there’s this; the curfew wasn’t a medical recommendation and wasn’t requested by the police.

At what point do people in Melbourne decide they’ve had enough and what would that look like? Not for a while; Dan the man is doing well in the polls.

Bill’s Opinion

The slippery slope fallacy should be avoided; situations always change and it doesn’t follow that a negative direction will continue forever. However, situations can become very much worse until they correct.

How many more civil liberties will be removed by arbitrary governmental decisions before the push back gains traction?

I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like people have reached the limit of what they will tolerate yet.

Depressing beyond tablets.

7 Replies to “Going postal”

  1. It’s tragic to see Godzone going Beta like this. The South African word for it is wuss. What do Australians call it?

      1. “You wouldn’t see this kind of cuckery in Briz.”

        Roughly translated as, “Right this way, Mr Hanks. Not you, child wishing to say farewell to your dying parent”.

  2. She was sending them a stubby holder with her face and campaign slogan on it plus a hand-written note saying ‘No hard feelings’.
    It was probably meant to be light-hearted but I don’t think those particular residents would get the joke.
    Truly a weird story. Instead of seeking heroes and villains, let us merely appreciate the oddness.

    1. “Instead of seeking heroes and villains, let us merely appreciate the oddness.”

      I think several things can be correct at the same time; Hanson is a twat and I don’t want a council opening my mail and making the decision on whether or not it can be delivered.

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