Every problem has a solution

The culture war has come for England rugby supporters; calls to ban “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” as it is cultural appropriation.

Bill’s Opinion

This former frequenter of Twickenham Stadium does not appreciate being “told” to do or not do things.

You can try politely asking me, of course.

In the meantime, even if you aren’t a rugby fan, it might be worth tuning in to the next fixture just to watch how precisely they think they’ll enforce this ban, particularly when the fans could legitimately wear these to cover their mouths:

2 Replies to “Every problem has a solution”

  1. Good move, as it would mean that individuals could not be identified and hounded out of their jobs.

    Lots of useful idiots in the media would be happy to label the whole game and all its supporters as tainted with racism, though. Sponsors might think twice.

    I think the only solution would be to change the rules of the game. Allow black players to commit any type of foul and violent behaviour, while sending off any whites who object. Rugby ought to reflect wider societal values.

    1. Did you know…. it was written by a Native American from a tribe that was infamous for slave trading and fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War?

      It’s almost as these things have nuance, isn’t it?

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