Lessons children learn

…seem hardest for activists masquerading as journalists.

For example, noting the difference between an expressed and revealed preference.

One such example would be this, where Charlotte Grieve seems confused that, despite loudly banging the climate change drum in public, large pension funds still heavily invest in the industries that make profit pollute the most.

Four of the nation’s biggest industry super funds have billions of dollars invested in coal producers and other fossil fuel companies despite taking a vocal stance on climate change and pledging to support emissions reduction.

Research exclusively obtained by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald also shows support among super funds for shareholder resolutions that would force companies to take tougher action on climate change has fallen.

One must chuckle at the dressing up as “research” the process of browsing the funds’ websites to view the publicly-available information on investment allocations. They must have had a team working round the clock on that.

Of course, such an easily-written piece is the gift that keeps on giving for Charlotte; on its anniversary she can toss up a follow-up describing her horror that, despite the scandalous exposĂ© of the mealy-mouthed funds and their double standards, the general public haven’t all rushed for the door and moved into a virtue-signalling “sustainable” fund.

Bill’s Opinion

People generally act rationally and in their own interests. This neatly explains making loud public noises suggesting concern over climate change whilst also investing in assets that produce a reasonable return on one’s investment.

As we’ve explored previously, the difference between a “green” fund and a regular fund is the latter has a reasonable chance of being an providing an income in retirement. The green fund doesn’t even track inflation.

Watch what people do, Charlotte, don’t listen to what they say.

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  1. The problem with this article and the position taken by the writer is that it assists momentum in their direction. Just saying, that unfortunately for us all I think the pendulum is swinging their way.

    The likes of Charlotte’s activism is working, I sold down my holdings of that local coal miner I mentioned before this week at a 19% loss, despite them growing revenue and earnings at a high rate. The sell decision was not based on ethical grounds but on poor long term outlook and capital preservation grounds. The released funds have been used to top up my existing military weapons supplier and sports betting stocks at least they are growing and are safe from the wrath of global warming activists.

    Students and females are the worse, Yale recently published a study to show that you had a higher chance of contracting gonorrhea and chlamydia if you lived in a county where gas fracking was taking place!


    Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health published one of the dumbest papers we’ve ever seen. They claim that some areas in which fracking takes place (Texas only) have more sexually transmitted diseases. Embarrassingly funny and, yes, “fracking” stupid.


  2. Super giants funnel billions into fossil fuels, vote down climate push…she writes on a computer, publishing the article on the internet. Because those things don’t require energy or fossil fuels or plastics or carbon dioxide. Twat.

    1. Cost benefit analysis, innit; cost to virtue signal = a tiny bit of time. Benefit of virtue signalling = peer group approval.

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