May Day!

The verb “may” and its synonyms do yeoman’s work again for the cause of global warming this week:

Australia “may” break a heat record this week.

Crikey (to use the vernacular), that’s scary!

What are the details of this climate catastrophe?

The mercury in Sydney’s CBD may shoot 12 degrees over the historical average for December this weekend while the western suburbs face their hottest day ever in the month.

Smart readers will already have mentally filed the first half of that sentence to the folder marked “bullshit” because of the use of the juvenile “average”.

We’ll come on to the second half of the sentence later.

There’s more heavy lifting for “may”:

“If Penrith gets shrouded by bushfire smoke, it may not get that warm – but either way we’re pretty confident of getting temperatures well into the 40s,” meteorologist Rob Taggart said. He noted that in some parts of western Sydney, measurements only went back 25 to 45 years.

Well into the 40s“, eh?

Oh, and records that only span one human generation?

In case you didn’t get the memo, “average” gets another run off the bench:

“At this stage, we’re forecasting a late breeze, but that may change. If it doesn’t come at all, we could see temperatures into the 40s,” he said.

The average December maximum for the CBD is 25.2 degrees.

Bill’s Opinion

Averages should play no part in any reporting of weather. None.


Last year, the coldest December day in New South Wales was 14.3 degrees. The hottest was 41.4 degrees.

When the wind shifts to blow from the south, there is no land mass between Sydney and the Antarctic. Good luck using an average temperature to make any useful weather-based decision about Sydney.

A note to those who wish to convince me and others of the climate emergency; try not using persuasion techniques that look indistinguishable from confidence trickery and lies.

6 Replies to “May Day!”

  1. I thought that you had gone off and found yourself a new girlfriend for a moment there.

    Climate science aside, it is fucking roasting at the moment, being mid summer its nice and hot as usual, a time for reflection, I got my pool up at body temperature as well and it is the cleanest it has ever been.

    Life on the dole has some upsides.

    1. Yes, young Timbo is fully loved up, it would seem.

      My excuse is mainly work-related; I’ve been balancing about 1.5 jobs for a month or so whilst getting Dulcibella up to full sparkle for some summer sailing.

      I’m afraid blogging had to take a bit of a back seat. Normal service will be resumed now though.

      I think we shall have some less serious blog posts over the break. I’m thinking “fantasy celebrity death matches” or something similar.

      1. I think it is time to reveal that TNA’s relative sporting performance to the Aussie dollar correlation thesis has come to pass.

        Australia is dominating in cricket and the Aussie is down in the doldrums.

        TNA, god take mercy on his soul, has been posthumously proven right.

  2. “Yes, young Timbo is fully loved up, it would seem.”

    Is there any truth to the rumour that he is dating Vegemite Wife?

    “My excuse is mainly work-related;”

    Yes I knew that Charlie was the right one for you after she confided in me about your neediness.

    1. “Is there any truth to the rumour that he is dating Vegemite Wife?”

      None, I’m afraid.

      She’s on top of a mountain in Europe at the moment while Tim is below seas level in Cambridgeshire.

      “Yes I knew that Charlie was the right one for you after she confided in me about your neediness.”


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