On bush fires and global warming

The human brain, when faced with complex, multi-variable problems requires simple, easy solutions. Sadly, this is rarely feasible.

Take, for example, the huge outbreak of bush fires currently occurring in New South Wales, Australia.

These fires are serious. Tragically, lives have been lost.

Residential properties have been destroyed, with all the concomitant heartbreak that entails, the photos, the documents of memories, the moments in places that have been forever changed or destroyed.

While the fires are still burning, rational people ask what they should do to protect themselves and their families. This describes my current situation, living as I do in an area with a heavily forested area within an easy stone’s throw.

Those not in immediate danger wonder what they might do to help their neighbours.

Then there are those who live in the Australian equivalent of Islington.

Before the bodies of the dead have been recovered, they have already determined the effect, cause and solution.

The effect is obvious; catastrophic fires.

The cause is man made climate change.

The solution is to artificially hamstring the economy in a massive transfer of wealth and power from individuals to the state:

Bill’s Opinion

A more curious mind might read the coverage of the fires and search for answers to questions such as these:

Obviously, to answer these questions one would need a lot of time to undertake research or a competent and non-activist news media to perform this on our behalf.

Instead, we are presented with the simple message that these fires are definitely the result of man made climate change and the only viable solution to the problem is renewables such as solar and wind turbines.

Finally, I challenge you to find a single mention in the Australian media or political discourse of the vaguest possibility of nuclear energy being even a minor part of the solution.

Our media are mendacious, low IQ or a mixture of the two.

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  1. “How exactly does closing a coal-fired power station or a mine prevent bush fires? Over what timeline should we expect to see results?”

    Great question. The boiler plate response will be that science has proven fires are the result of climate change, yet answers to this question are unknowable.

    It’s important to remember the climate change activist are trading on primal fears. The fear of burning or drowning is deeply set in humans. They are also, mostly, working on the fear that the world is on the edge of disaster and the changes are needed to prevent the world being worse, hence, the tipping point nonsense. There is not much mileage in challenging them on observable facts not in their favour. They are quite immune to it.

    The game for them is that only by placating the climate gods through virtuous actions and acts of penance, and through appointing the climate priests to total power can (hypothetical) disaster be prevented. Any real world disaster will be pointed to as evidence of this ‘truth’, anything that refutes it will be ignored.

      1. I had to google that word…yes that’s it. I think there is something innate in humans that makes this a powerful force for many.

        1. It’s the perfect noun isn’t it?
          The biological need for identification of threats, real or perceived. It saved our ancestors but might be making us a little bit mad these days.

  2. Hope your lot are okay, an escape to the boat may be required. Don’t forget to take the gold with you as well.

    Some reporters are almost smiling with the spin on climate change, fucking pathetic, the best way to tell a lie is to repeat it.

    I have been through this many times, not bush fires thankfully, but the whys and wherefores of them including the last big ones in Victoria.

    One thing that is never mentioned is that they are a natural occurrence, some seeds only germinate when they have been exposed to bush fires, preventing fires can actually cause very big uncontrollable ones.

    1. All fine thanks.

      The depressing thing is watching otherwise sensible people stalling the narrative without question.

  3. The science really is opposed to you and your apologists for global over-consumption, which is the cause of our problems. People like you stand in the way of doing something about it!

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