Like the time Hannah Gadsby was booked at the Townsville RSL

Busy day today, so no serious rant on matters vital.

Instead, I’d like to test a gag out on the audience of this organ as it fell very flat when I cracked it in real life:

What a great win by the Uruguayan rugby team this week. Presumably they’ll celebrate with a big dinner of roast flanker.

Bill’s Opinion

Either my delivery is poor or not many people know about this plane crash.

7 Replies to “Like the time Hannah Gadsby was booked at the Townsville RSL”

  1. I had to think for a bit and then I remembered I had watched a movie about the plane crash in the Andes and the pact the survivors made re; eating the dead. It was a long time ago!, even I was a mere lad in high school at the time! Anyone under the age of 35 will definately not get the joke, our education system has ensured that most of this age group have little or no general knowledge or any interest in history, I am continually explaining things to my 35 year old son in law that I knew when I was 17!

    1. We read the book Alive! at school, hence my knowledge of the crash.

      It’s bollocks having to explain a joke, isn’t it.

  2. Might just be a nomenclature thing Billy? We simple folk of east coast Oz (SFECA) like our flankers to be breakaways, our scrum halves to just be halfbacks, our fly-halves to be five-eighths etc… So maybe if your punchline was “…a big dinner of roast breakaway” you’d have been swamped by a tsunami of laughter and applause (notwithstanding the absence of the pun on beef flank, which most SFECAs would have no idea about anyway).

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