Only bad people like you can be sexist

It’s unclear precisely when the facts changed but, at some point during the previous decade, the received opinion in the group of people who know these things is that it is not possible to be racist if you are not white.

The “logic” behind this repurposing of language is that racism=power+evil, or some similar daft equation.

So, for example, if you’re a black man shouting abuse at “crackers” you aren’t racist as long as the subject of your opprobrium is richer or more powerful in some other way than you. Actually, even that doesn’t matter; you could be a rich black person abusing a poor white person and still not be racist because four generations ago people who looked like you were enslaved by people who looked like the other person.

So the other person is the racist by genetics or, if they aren’t related to a slave owner and you aren’t the descendant of slaves, osmosis.

I think I’ve got that about right. Please correct me in the comments if not.

Similarly, being sexist is a crime exclusively committed by people who are bad people. Put another way, if you are a good person, you cannot be sexist.

Sounds a bit of a circular argument? Let me offer a worked example:

Let’s say your name is Arwa and you are a good person. You write a column in the Guardian, a newspaper that only publishes the thoughts of good people. Let’s say the article is full of opinions that, if written by a man who isn’t a good person (but I repeat myself) would be considered highly sexist because it explicitly states a woman’s worth is directly proportional to her beauty and appearance.

Therefore the completely objective assessment of the article is that it can’t be sexist and YOU are the sexist for thinking it might be sexist.

I hope that clears things up for you all.

In completely unrelated news, here’s an excellent article by Arwa Mahdarwi that doesn’t at all malign another woman as a completely brainless bimbo who is manipulated like a rag doll by those around her.

It is possible Trump just felt like cutting her hair. But if the Trumps care about anything, it is image; I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that Trump’s new cut is an attempt to get us to take her politicking more seriously. Women’s hair, after all, is tangled up in traditional ideas of femininity. There is a reason so many female politicians sport a short style known as the political bob (pob): it is less “feminine”, which makes them seem more powerful. So be afraid, be very afraid: Trump’s new do may well signify that she has ramped up her political ambitions. God help us all if she goes brunette.

Bill’s Opinion

If it wasn’t for double standards, the woke brigade would have no standards at all.

Imagine if anyone else had written that Guardian article explaining why Ivanka Trump has no personal agency and is, in fact, a tabula rasa to be written on by the men in her life.

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  1. Islam is the only religion/culture that treats women as they should be treated. It takes a special kind of cognitive dissonance to be woke in the first place with mind-losingness apparently the only coping method.

      1. Ta muchly. Tim Newman is struggling with finding time to blog. To get your own page reads up you should offer to guest blog there. You don’t have to look hard for material. It’s there every time you open the SMH.

        1. There’s a big assumption there that I have any more time to spare!

          Anyway, we’ll keep getting good material from Timmy until he finds a permanent squeeze to waste his time.

  2. Billy, it is so hard to keep up with the latest pronouncement of the woke brigade, it must have been a bit like this during China’s Cultural Revolution, you would wake up each morning and the previous day’s enemy of the worker is now a hero of the revolution.

    Only one thing never changes, in the grievance hierarchy Islam trumps every other group.

  3. Bit late to this.

    The first sentence in the article reveals a lot about the mindset of the writer – “It is hard to keep up with the volume of news these days.”.

    While there is a rich seam to mine in just this single sentence, it is amusing that Arwa considers Ivanka Trump getting a haircut “news”.

    She does offer some statistics for this however, with apparently on online audience of >1.4 billion people caring enough to come to the attention of an online tracking business. This may make it something people are curious about, but I am not sure it makes it news. Depending on your definitions of course – where does gossip stop and news start? Projecting some of your own mental issues over the story probably doesn’t make it news either, or at least the kind of news that they think it is.

    It is quite revealing what the “most popular articles” are on even supposedly serious news sites (say AFR, but you could go higher brow) – the ones with a personal angle or more akin to gossip appear to get the most views. While what is actually happening that may effect a nation’s livelihood languishes. Its almost like people read legacy media for the gossip.

    1. “She does offer some statistics for this however, with apparently on online audience of >1.4 billion people caring enough to come to the attention of an online tracking business. This may make it something people are curious about, but I am not sure it makes it news.”

      I have a blog post in draft on this very subject. Once I’ve finished disposing of the body parts of my latest murder victims, I’ll get round to finishing it.

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