Midas reveals his secret

There are just so many unscrupulous shysters out there trying to part you from your hard-earned cash. Recall my new best friend’s attempt to sign me up to spend $15,000 on how to be an “influencer”?

After frenetically removing from my life anyone who shares content from the likes of Brigette, Oleg and their insipid facsimiles, I thought it was safe to go back on to the interweb.

But no, every website, youtube channel and browser window I open has this orthodontically-perfect, jug-eared goon smiling at me and boasting about how he doesn’t need to work any more because, something, something, something…. selling on Amazon.

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Call me a cynical old bastard if you will, but nothing screams “liar” to me more than watching a person work night and day to tell me they don’t need to work.

In fact, in his own words on his own website, Adam tells you quite how unlikely it is you will get rich by attending one of his courses or even following the instructions to the letter. This legal disclaimer is somewhat obscured, completely accidentally I’m sure, by a clash of font and background colours:


Any reports of earnings published by Reliable Education are provided to a reasonable level of accuracy. However, reported results may differ slightly from actual results for various reasons, including returns & refunds, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, and brevity of communication. 
There is NO GUARANTEE that undertaking the same activities or employing the same techniques, ideas, strategies or initiatives published by Reliable Education will produce the same results for you.
From time to time, Reliable Education will publish results, testimonials, case studies and success stories relating to those who have employed the techniques and strategies published by Reliable Education. These outcomes are exceptional results which do not apply to an average user of the information published by Reliable Education. There is NO GUARANTEE that any user of those techniques and strategies will achieve similar results.
There is NO GUARANTEE that any reported past success (relating to Adam Hudson, Reliable Education, or any user of Reliable Education’s published information) can or will be repeated in the future.

Reliable Education © 2019

What is incredible is the fact that Adam has been ploughing this particular self-help snakeoil furrow since at least 2004, as this retro page on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website shows.

Bill’s Opinion

Just the slightest research on a search engine teaches any curious entrepreneur everything they need to know about a) Adam’s “success”, and b) quite how genuine he is about wanting to help others copy it for themselves.

When pondering the question “why does Adam want to teach me how to be an Amazon millionaire?”, I wonder how many of his course attendees reach the conclusion, “because it doesn’t really work for him, but selling courses to the gullible does”.

If you ever find yourself at the poker table wondering which player is the sucker, consider the possibility it is you.

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  1. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

    You rarely hear from those that do. They are too busy making money.

    1. Oh yes, I have a live one of those going on right now.

      I have been tidying up my affairs with my new found free time, my super fund and its investment performance has been up there at the top of the priority in the past week. So one of the funds that I was in, was ultra defensive and I knowingly took it on, as a safety element of my [portfolio. Last week I reviewed the last 12 months performance of that fund and it comes in at 3.9%, not good enough, called my guy to say that I wanted him to terminate it. He said his compliance guys wouldn’t let me and said I need to have my ratios right and if I was going to invest the funds in direct shares then I would be over exposed to the market.

      I tell him that I am going to invest in overseas shares to prevent a cluster, he then said that I could only invest in “approved” overseas securities, its a Superfund so has some strict covenants. He sent me the list not in excel but a pdf of eighteen pages with 36 listings per page at lunch time. He then said that there is no way that I would come up with an analysis or a risk balanced option, I told him there and then that I was finishing him up.

      I have just spent the last eight hours analyzing it and have come up with 11 trades that have an overall average dividend of 4.2%, that is 0.3% more than the fund and then there is the forecasted capital growth on top of that, I realize that there is a risk that some growth could go the other way, but unlikely that they all would on a batch of eleven spread from the US, UK, Europe, China and Japan and I get the dividend regardless. I will be doing a little bit more dd on the the list tonight and placing an order for 13 trades tomorrow.

      I wouldn’t expect folk to do this when they are working, but I am not, and its a bit of a long overdue spring clean on my part, its my money and I am getting myself set up for a substantial whack of capital hitting my fund later on. Teach a man to fish and all that, the main point is that my anorak guy just did not get it and wont get it and he forgets that it is my money that he was dealing with and having the gall to tell me what I could and could not do with it and defending a return like that as if he had some bargaining point with me.

      Here is the list that I have came up with, if anyone is interested, beats a term deposit any day of the week.

      Company with Annual Dividend

      1. BT Group 9.1%
      2. Legal & General Group 6.7%
      3. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 5.2%
      4. Zurich Insurance Group 4.9%
      5. Allianz 4.3%
      6. Pfizer 3.9%
      7. ITOCHU 3.8%
      8. China State Construction International Holdings 3.8%
      9. Gilead Sciences 3.8%
      10. Porsche Automobil Holding 3.6%
      11. Wynn Resorts 3.4%
      12. Bristol-Myers Squibb 3.4%
      13. Roche Holding 3.2%

      If you have a lazy couple of k to chuck on them, Bristol-Myers is looking especially primed for long term growth.

      The only way to create wealth is by doing it yourself with the support of experts, that must be on tap and not on top.

  2. That would be like explaining the finer points of knitting in comparison to some of the more nefarious wallet fattening exploits that we get together and chortle about.

    When it comes to imparting financial wisdom, the great uncles free counsel is often sought and given at Palacio Bardonici chambers by the younger generation of my bloodline. I was fortunate enough to have met an older gentleman by chance many years ago that introduced me to the concepts and teachings of The Richest Man in Babylon. We as family elders not only are obliged to teach our offspring what is right and what is wrong, we should also enlighten then on the Five Rules of Gold, because if you don’t the chances are that no one else will.

    My youngest had a look at the trade list in the car on the way to school this morning, including the ones that I had crossed out and suggested a few changes to lessen the US exposure by increasing some European holdings. He knew the guy that I let go as well as he has been around our house a few times and asked if he would be okay, I said that he will be fine as long as he learns from this experience.

    He smiled after looking up Bristol Myers on his phone and was chuffed to see that they went up 1.4% yesterday.


      1. I call it the Midas touch, that is where we differ, particularly with investments, whereas I look at market fundamentals, you don’t. You devote your time to reacting from the sidelines and get annoyed with and become quite vociferous about what you dont like is being said by some deadbeat journo in some deadbeat newspaper or by a random tínternet loser/stranger that you have never met in your life, whereas I tend to focus on achievers and the people and real physical things in life that I like.

        All of which is a perfectly normal and a deeply entrenched long term character trait of yours.

        I would be most surprised if you ever changed your behavior in this respect.


        1. Your knowledge of my investment approach is quite impressive.

          Wrong, because I completely outsource it to a professional, but impressive nonetheless.

          I’ve made this point to you before when you’ve written pages of anonymous boasts on the internet about your investing superiority;

          My brother in law often visits the casino when he goes on holiday.
          Sometimes he tells me about how much he won.
          Other times he tells me about the beaches and the restaurants.

          1. When it comes to your investment prowess, we differ in style you focus on future price, I focus on fundamentals.

            You think it is about trying to predict what house prices will be at some time in the future in a certain location, whereas I tell you that the bottom is in and that I have all of mine bought and cash flowing many years ago

            You try to predict the price of spot gold at market in the future, I bought into gold miners years ago.

            All I am doing with my investments is a) investing aggressively and b) continually working towards them achieving above market returns, based on how well I read the fundamentals, such as what is currently over or under priced at entry, which I and some strange others do find of interest. It is one of the pursuits that I devote my time to doing better at, on the other hand you get stitch up merchants on tínternet trying to get their hands on your gold, nothing has changed and I guess it takes all kinds to make the world.

            As old Akrad himself said about one of the cures for a lean purse:

            The Seventh Cure: Increase thy ability to earn.

            Arkad advises to keep developing your own skills to increase your investing wisdom and also to increase your earnings power: “The more of wisdom we know, the more we may earn”, and, “That man who seeks to learn more of his craft shall be richly rewarded”.


          2. And if you wont take my word for it and knowing your tendency to submit to what an authoritarian figures tells you is happening, maybe you will listen to what the learned Justice Nye Perram lead judge ruled in signalling that the bottom is in.

            “I may eat Wagyu beef every day washed down with the finest shiraz but, if I really want my new home, I can
            make do on much more modest fare.”

          3. You gotta admit though, it was a classic ruling, especially given that it will go down in history* as the ringing of the bell of the end of our apocalyptic house price crash and the start of the next and monstrous mother of all booms stages of this cycle.

            You probably heard me quote this one before, says it all really.

            The banks were saved and the people were ruined.

            *Assuming that the ASIC appeal is unsuccessful.

          4. “…the ringing of the bell of the end of our apocalyptic house price crash”.

            Perhaps. On verra.

            At this point in the graph, it looks exactly like the start of a massive breakout to the moon OR a dead cat bounce.

            I don’t know which it is. You, on the other hand have a Nostradamus-esque insight, it seems.

            So, perhaps you could explain where the increases in income, massive relaxing of lending standards or influx of overseas capital are coming from?

          5. Fundamentals, always fundamentals.

            1. Bankers have been given the green light to assess borrowers and create loans as they see fit

            2. New lenders coming in, Fintechs, shadow banking etc, see what is happening in the US space for what will come here, buying with crypto is coming as well

            3. Demand is increasing

            4. There is a shortage of stock

            5. It takes 60 days from a vendor deciding to sell, to hitting the market, no agents are reporting a lot of new stock coming to market on the horizon

            6. Debt there is a debt acceleration model that a bloke called Phil Soos does that is far more predictive of what is happening now than most of the real estate data which is always lagging in real estate, it shows growth is already here

            7. Its a bottom up rise, first home owners buying is way up, the people that sold to them will trade up, the people that sell to them will trade up etc, more and bigger first home incentives coming on in 2020

            8. Home owner mortgages interest rates starting with a 2 and staying down for the foreseeable

            9. Vacancy rates have peaked and are dropping in Melbourne

            Wages don’t have much to do with it, a candlemaker used to be able to buy a home in the city of London and in the seventies a family with the father as the single earner could buy their first home in inner ring Sydney. House prices don’t care how much someone is on.

            Globally Sydney is still very affordable ranking 45th i.e. there are 44 cities that are less affordable than Sydney. Plus, Sydney property has a huge land size advantage, whereby you get a shit more land for your bucks compared with its international peers.

            Prices aren’t going to gallop away for now, but negative growth is over. I thought this slump would have been about now, but it came earlier due to the banking commission. We may still have a recession here, its line ball, but even if we do it will be shallow, short lived and wont affect land prices. By the way we have now entered our twenty ninth year of economic growth but that doesn’t sell newspapers.

            Something like a thirty five year mortgage, is a possibility, just a personal view of mine though


            As we predicted; Australia’s housing market is beginning to turn up again

            Keep in mind, I am not telling you that there is any real value in most of the real estate markets around the world. The United States is the only nation that still possesses any real value when analyzed through mathematical ratios. Unfortunately, when it comes to Australia, as expensive as housing in Sydney and Melbourne may be to the local residents, there are many other cities around the world that make Australia housing look dirt cheap. This shows that we could see house prices move even further out of reach in the top areas of Australia.


          6. What’s your one best argument?
            In a single sentence, with before and after data points?

            Is it possible to write it that way?

            The problem I have with your reply above is that it looks like the laundry list I get when I suggest to someone that I have a mild doubt about the predictions of climate change.

            I’m not saying you’re wrong, just not particularly persuasive in your language, and given your prowess in management and running highly successful businesses, I’d expect better clarity of argument.

          7. I aint selling houses so I dont have any need to persuade anyone to buy a house other than my sons, nieces and nephews. I do know that folk will though, and for those that don’t buy they will continue to increase rental demand and pay off a landlords mortgage instead. There is no escaping the housing market and the land value always takes up the productive earnings of the economy as defined by David Ricardo.

            In a nutshell, I know that the eighteen year land price cycle will unfold as it always has, which give or take a year here or there, seen a peak in 2008, a four year slump to bottom in 2012, recovery up to a mid cycle in 2019, a mid cycle slump-breather now, to be followed by the last gargantuan leg up of seven years to the top at 2026. A top that will be orders of magnitude higher than the last top, Northern Rock eat your heart out. Although prices will continue to increase after 2022, they will be back down to that level again in 2030. So if you buy after 2022 then don’t do it for investing purposes, unless you intend to flip it by 2026 or 27 latest.

          8. Again, nothing says “liar” to me more than people working hard to tell me they don’t need to work.

            Just look at your word count.

          9. Well the fact that everything I said is true, and your need to resort to name calling, just smells like more napalm to me.

  3. Just looking at Reliable Education’s website, Adam is an “Amazon thought leader”? What the hell does that mean!? and what are you supposed to sell on Amazon to make your fortune?, chickens, widgets, crap from China for which you are the onseller?

    I suppose I should not be surprised that there are so many gullible people out there who shell out their hard earned money to these snake oil salesman, but I always am!

    Also, whatever Bardon is smoking I want some!

      1. Quite, I think that instead of following the investment advice of that Arkad character Mr B should switch to Ozymandias.

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