Yeah, nah

I’m sure this has been stated elsewhere but we will plagiarise and repeat here….

William of Ockham’s First Law of Headlines.

Any headline ending with a question mark is always correctly answered, “No”.

Bill’s Opinion

Unfortunately, England’s chances of winning The Ashes this year look more fucked than a Manila whore the weekend a US Navy aircraft carrier arrived.

7 Replies to “Yeah, nah”

  1. C’mon Bill, great night’s effort from many of your formative countrymen last night… the cricket, the rugger, Crystal Palace, darts in New Zealand (surely a Pom has done well over there?)… what a time to be alive!

  2. Regardless if they do or not, it will go down as the Test of the century. Stunning opener for the poms, stunning counter attack by the Aussies and a “we”ll fight them on the beaches” ending tonight. I dare say that the kids will be out playing cricket on the sink estate streets using dustbins as wickets if they do, my son loves Archers hairstyle as well.

  3. As I pointed out on Twitter, the Ashes are lost because:

    (Aussie bowlers > England batters) > (England bowlers > Aussie batters)

    And since then that young lad has bolstered the Aussie batting side.

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