Australian B Cricket team to be renamed “Women’s”

No, really. That’s the logical direction this announcement takes the sport, surely:

Transgender players allowed in the female national cricket team.

(There are three balls in the above photograph


The guidelines are here. There’s a large volume of text to be parsed but I have helpfully summarised it all for you. A man can play cricket for the female national team if he;

  1. Says he’s a woman, and
  2. Has taken hormone treatment long enough to keep his testosterone below a defined level.

That’s it.

Of course, these rules infer a “female” can wander around the shower room with his “female penis” intact because he’s a female according to Cricket Australia’s highly-scientific definition.

It’s worth having a read of the guidelines, particularly the clauses under section 6 – Expert Panel, where someone at Cricket Australia has clearly had massive doubts about the long-term sustainability of this ideological direction and tried to leave a loophole to be used to enable common-sense back in if things go too far.

The clauses in this section give power to a panel of experts to overrule a decision to allow a man to play in the elite women’s teams if they feel he has an unfair advantage. The evidence they can assess include biomechanical analysis. One assumes this might include such tests as whether a male fast bowler is sending blocks of wood wrapped in leather (cricket balls) at the heads of women faster than any woman can.

Using this example, we could compare the fastest female bowler on record, Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick, who has managed to bowl at 125kmph, with every fast bowler in the current men’s team who are all consistently over the 140kmph mark. 

The next level down from the national team is the Sheffield Shield. An upcoming bowler in that competition is Chadd Sayers, who has been overlooked for the national team several times because he doesn’t bowl fast enough. Chadd’s average bowling speed? Oh, just a sedate 130kmph, or 5kmph faster than the fastest female bowler in history.

Oh, that’s awkward.

The definitions section is good for a chuckle too as it tries to define in legalistic terms such nouns as sex, gender and LGBTQI+.

It’ll be fun to review how that stood the test of time in a few years.

Bill’s Opinion

Firstly, this is another excellent example of O’Sullivan’s Law, which states, “any organisation or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time“.

Cricket Australia has clearly been hijacked by activists and have responded by producing a policy that, ironically, is neither one thing or another.

It claims to provide an unambiguous pathway for transgender cricketers to play in elite teams but it has a large loophole which allows for a panel of “experts” (defined how? Appointed by whom?) to judge the player to have too great a physical advantage to play for the women’s team. 

The interesting point, however, is to look for the dog that isn’t barking, that is, what isn’t being reported or described in the policy?

There is no mention of what qualifying steps and proof a female to male transitioning cricket player would have to undertake to play in the men’s elite team. If anyone can think of a credible reason why they’ve left this detail out, please send a postcard with your answer to:

Cricket Australia

60 Jolimont Street,


Victoria 3002,


There are really only three ways this policy change can go over time:

  1. One or more men with the unique combination of chutzpah and cricketing ability will use these rules to claim a place on the national women’s team and will be refused, will sue for damages and drag the sport into its own version of the Israel Folau debacle, or
  2. Cricket Australia will accept those men into the national women’s team and the ensuing public and international backlash will drag the sport into its own version of the Israel Folau debacle, or
  3. No man with enough cricketing ability will ever be stupid enough to claim female status.

It’s a tricky one to predict, but my suspicion is (2) is most likely as there are currently enough men who are autogynephilic that one of them is bound to try to push the envelope further. The result will be a destruction of the restricted group competition we call women’s cricket in Australia. 

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  1. As I have commented many times before, why are all these organisations devoting so much time to creating guidelines catering to a tiny fraction of the population with serious mental health issues? I know “wokeness” and all that but that can’t be the only explanation, as I see it the potential problems far outweigh any benefits of appearing to be “inclusive”.

    I agree that (2) is the most likely outcome and the sooner the better. The only way to stop all this “inclusive” rubbish is for someone to push it to its absolutely ridiculous extreme, although what that might be I cannot imagine.

    1. “As I have commented many times before, why are all these organisations devoting so much time to creating guidelines catering to a tiny fraction of the population with serious mental health issues?”

      Unlike Bardon, I’m not a big conspiracy theorist. Yes, the source material for this nonsense is Marxism via the 1960s French philosophers. However, none of the architects of this policy change know that.

      What this is more likely to be is an outsourcing of logic and responsibility to groupthink. Safety in crowds.

      There is a nagging thought in my mind about the very obvious lack of planning for likely consequences. I’ve not fully-formed this line of argument but there’s something there to be noodled.

      1. At least in the old days a drag queen only pretended to be a women, they didn’t actually believe that they were a women. I imagine there are a lot of feminists who are starting to regret getting into bed with the LBGTXYZ movement, some might say it is poetic justice.

  2. “As I have commented many times before, why are all these organisations devoting so much time to creating guidelines catering to a tiny fraction of the population with serious mental health issues?”

    One of the best of the many explanations as to the whys and wherefore that I have read that clearly set out why the sate undertakes things like this is form Love Letter to America by Yuri Bezmenov although he wrote it under a pseudonym. You can get a pdf of the very short book on line. On this particular issue he refers to its a “non- issue”, see extract below from his book and also a link to the picture of the overall subversion process, we are well advanced through this process as it stands now in my opinion.

    Its not a left right thing, its an us versus them battle, they are being the elite that use a state collectivist system to get us. Its everywhere, the Soviets didn’t end, they just rebranded them to a more liberal and acceptable format and the systems has been rapidly spreading westward since then end of the cold war.

    When you think about if you were a one percenter, you would probably be supporting a collectivists system as opposed to a system based on the rights and freedom of an individual.


    Los Angeles 1984

    Dear Americans,


    Introduction of NON-ISSUES is another powerful method of
    demoralizing at the level of 1 DE AS. It will take another full size book
    to describe in detail this method. Suffice it will be here to give a brief
    definition of NON-ISSUES. An issue, the solution of which creates
    more and bigger problems for majority of a nation, even though it
    may benefit a few, is a non-issue (civil rights of homosexuals is not an
    issue; defending sexual morality is the larger, real issue).

    The main purpose of non-issues and the devastating result of their
    introduction is the SIDE-TRACKING of public opinion, energy
    (both mental and physical), money and TIME from the constructive
    solutions. Soviet propaganda elevated the art of infiltrating and
    emphasizing non-issues in American public life to the level of actual
    state policy.


    What many of you do not see, is the second “chain” of events which
    I graphically represent in the following chart (see page 22)of the




    3) CRISIS ,


      1. Yep, they love a good crisis that lot do, if they decide that their current incremental progress is too slow, they may go for a leap frog type move to accelerate their plans.

        I think that irrespective of type of crisis it is, take your pick from the many viable options available to them being political/cultural/military/economic, their final grab for a one world government will take place through the auspices of a newly reformed, empowered and representative multi-lateral UN. The current jaded, corrupted and western biased unilateral UN will have been seen to have failed in preventing this crisis. The old UN will also be blamed for most of the evils since WWII, the security council permanent members will be expanded, and the hated veto will be abolished. This will be sold based on the crisis having been preventable if so and so hadn’t vetoed say a no-fly zone, the real purpose being that no member can protect themselves from the UN mob ever again, if “they” want to do something to you, you will be powerless to prevent it.

        A new UN headquarters will be established, and it will be in the East, somewhere like Astana and will be led by someone like Putin or any other antichrist of the day!


        The Coming Multilateral World Order
        World Bank head Robert Zoellick sees a tomorrow in which developing countries wield more power, societies succeed or fail as they empower women, and development moves beyond aid

        This article originally appeared at an Atlantic partner site.

    1. Yes absoultey.

      I couldn’t help but think that if there were a pommy scheme like this it would help Joe Root cope in the future, espcailly now that he is near completion of his full transistion to Josephine.

      1. O ye, of little faith.

        Lions just beat Geelong and are now top of the ladder.

        Followed by an Izzieless, Wallabies next up.

        And hopefully some test cricket tonight.

        What’s not to like?

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