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A useful golden rule when observing current affairs is to keep your counsel for a solid 48 hours. This is particularly true in the case of breaking news about violence and potential terrorism attacks.

The incentive structure in today’s digital age is diametrically-opposed to this rule of sober and prudent analysis, however.

Hence, depending on the source from which you consume your news you may have believed the city of Sydney endured a white supremacist attack, a radical Islamic attack or deadly violence from a mentally-unwell man.

Confusingly for narrative-obsessed journalists (but I repeat myself), the knife-wielder apparently had a USB drive with details of the recent Christchurch and El Paso racially-motivated attacks but also shouted the well-known catchphrase, “Alan’s Snackbar” at the police who arrested him.

Several possibilities suggest themselves here. It could be possible the attacker was:

  • Racially-motivated, or
  • A Jihadi, or
  • One of the two above whilst pretending to be the other in some elaborate hoax, and/or
  • Mentally ill

In a move that should surprise nobody, Lucy Cormack of the Sydney Morning Herald, clearly disappointed the attack wasn’t a good fit for the “white supremacy is everywhere” narrative, pivots and manages to make the attack seem as if it’s part of a war by men on women.

Bill’s Opinion

I think a suitable time has passed since the attack to confidently state, regardless of what he might have said or read, the prime reason the attacker committed the murder and an attempted murder was because he was suffering severe mental illness. It’s unfortunate but no matter how well we work to catch these in advance, there will always be a number of such tragedies in any society.

Claiming this is part of some wider problem of patriarchal and systemic male violence against women is like claiming the attacks on New York on September 11th were motivated by a hatred of open plan offices and elevators. 

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  1. When he was pinned down he was heard to mutter:

    “sell in May and go away, and come on back on St. Leger’s Day.”

  2. I find myself reading lots of Anglosphere content and from my outpost in the Best State it sure seems like Aussie women (well, feminists) are the most fragile such snowflakes on the planet. Since I’m bored here’s the most frail feminists from most to least IMO:

    1) Australian (Not the loudest or most crass, but the quickest to opine that the problem du jour is a mortal threat because wammen are so vulnerable…would include New Zealand after seeing their PM’s response to the shooting.)

    2) Coastal American (Just horrible people and would be #1 but for the fleeting opposition they get from the rest of the country. Consistent Olympic golds for crybullying, having invented the sport.)

    3) British (Though just as chillingly authoritarian as their Aussie counterparts, they seem to be a bit more self-assured, like they know they’ve won and are just keeping the lights on. And soft as hot Marmite.)

    4) Scandinavian (Definitely know they’ve won absolute power and therefore somewhat less neurotic. Their elevated beauty standards are possibly mitigating the worst excesses of the religion. They are stoic when needed, though, like when facing a rape tornado from swarthy foreigners.)

    5) Canadian (Unfathomably loud and crass, are of tougher and more fight-prone stock than their sisters across the sea. So less likely to feign a fainting spell but more likely to spit in your face and call you a shit hoser.)

    1. There’s probably some level of observation bias going on there. The more vocal examples gain your attention.

      I’m surprised Scouse (ie from Liverpool, England) didn’t get a category of their own in your list.

  3. I find it interesting that almost all of the MSM is being very coy about Ms Dunn’s occupation, it seems she was working as an “escort” and I am guessing that one of the hazards of such a profession is that you find yourself meeting all sorts of people including those with varying degrees of emotional and mental issues. Her death at such a young age is tragic, however the MSM is going to great lengths to portray it as a totally random event, was this the first time she had ever met the murderer?

    1. Yes, there is a lot of space to read between the lines of the reporting.

      My position on this is, it’s really none of our business. I have a high level of trust (no, don’t laugh – the rule of law is fit for purpose here) in the police investigation and the subsequent criminal prosecution to expose the relevant facts.

      Everything else we read between now and the court’s verdict is narrative-spinning to sell clicks and papers.

      1. As do I, I just get tired of everything being hijacked by the sisterhood as an example of the “violence against women in Australia”.

  4. Turns out that El Paso was an ecopessimist convinced that we’re all going to roast like chickens if someone, moi, doesn’t do something about it, like wipe out some instances of those nations renowned for breeding like flies.

    Purely BTW, Mother-in-Law #1 was going on about blacks breeding like rabbits. She had eleven children by three fathers.

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