Komment macht frei

Previously, we assessed that confusing reports in the media on matters Trans can be classified into two main categories:

  1. Trying to be sensitive to the mental health struggles of the subject suffering from body dysphoria, and
  2. Deliberately obfuscating the language for ignoble reasons.

We speculated that for the “category 2” articles, there was a sub-category where the motivation was to drive clicks and eyeballs to the online article as that is what was rewarded by advertising revenue.

Today’s example certainly seems to fall into a Category 2a Transgender article:

One can only chuckle at the editorial team’s dilemma in deciding where to put the inverted commas on that headline; should it be ‘seahorse’, ‘dads’ or ‘seahorse dads’?

After all“, they must have thought, “everyone knows what a seahorse is, and we all know what a dad is, so it’s just the compound noun that risks confusion, not the fact that we’re pretending a man gave birth. Yeah, we’ll go with ‘seahorse dads’ then. Sorted.“.

We could also only speculate at what might have been going through the unfortunately-surnamed Karl Quinn’s mind as he typed out the perfectly clear and unambiguous prose. One suspects the range of emotions covered one or more of the following options:

  • Fuck me, why did the editorial team choose me to write this review? Now I’ve got to put my name to this deliberate mangling of previously-understood nouns and pronouns“,
  • Ha! This is another great opportunity to change society for the better, underlining the biological reality that gender is a social construct and we can bend biology to our will“,
  • My numbers have been shit this month, thank god for a chance to wind up the trolls and get them to go ape on Twitter and Facebook by posting this article to their Nazi mates“.

Interestingly, the article had comments open for a brief duration but were closed once the total reached 33. Perhaps you might suspect this was to deliberately kick off a controversy but limit the amount of exhausting work the moderators had to do? We may never know.

The comments are gold though. Obviously, there were the usual bunch of gullible fools who believe it is possible to change someone’s opinion by leaving a message under a newspaper article. They aren’t the fun ones to read.

The folk who’ve fallen for the Critical Theory narrative are hugely entertaining though. My favourites are recreated below before a law is passed to make commenting on biological reality illegal:


DNA has nothing to do with gender.

Captain Flashlight

The logic in the comments below states that:

1. Only women can give birth.

2. This person gave birth.

3. They are a woman.

There’s a couple of things wrong with this. Firstly, stating that only women can give birth, not only regulates women to child bearing fertility machines, it disregards women who are not able to give birth, or have decided to not have children. Does this qualify childless people with female anatomy as men? Does this qualify them as some sort of (godforbid) third gender? I’m seemingly lost here…

Oh and of course, this person is a man. Go figure. Congratulations to them, they are happy, and have brought love into the world. Why attack them, and the life they are living? Live and let live.


Hey Matthew, I’m what you would consider a female, but i dont have the ability to produce children – does that still make me female? If you dont have ovaries, are you still female? What about no female reproductive organs at all?

You need to really do some research on sex and gender 101 mate, cuz you’re just showing your ignorance. ff


It is quite a contentious issue.

While anatomically you do need a womb and uterus to carry and give birth and most people have been taught that these are the exclusive domain of the female of our species.

Because this person identifies as a man, why do people get so upset about him saying he is a man?

And he has a beard for heavens sake, according to most of the red-necks I’ve ever met that is the key defining feature of a man, you’re not a real man unless you can grow a beard…

So there…

Bill’s Opinion

Recalling our rule of thumb on how to understand the reality behind mendacious re-definitions of nouns when reading an article about gender; go with your first visual instinct.

The picture of “Freddie” shows a weird looking bloke with the sort of beard a 16 year old boy grows until all his mates laugh at him. Conclusion; female.

The picture presented on Karl Quim’s profile is low definition and doesn’t zoom well. His facial features look a little ambiguous and, frankly, he’s no George Clooney, but the giveaway is the hair; no woman pretending to be a man would risk obvious casual categorisation mistakes by having a bouffant quiff. Conclusion; male, but probably only just.

14 Replies to “Komment macht frei”

  1. Billy, you are finding these articles just to wind me up aren’t you? It doesn’t matter how many chemicals you ingest and how much bum fluff you manage to grow you are still a Fu–ing man! (and she really does look weird and disturbing). I fear for the poor baby she is bringing into the world, what chance do they have of growing up even remotely sane? The authorities usually have no hesitation in removing children from parents they deem unfit, yet people exhibiting severe mental disorders i.e. women thinking they are men or vice versa are totally off limits.

    Who would have thought that way back in 1979 ( when I were a lad) The life of Brian would be accurately predicting this gender madness, Stan was truly ahead of his time. P.S I wonder what effect all of Freddie’s “medication” will have had on her baby.

      1. I think the best way to view these is by asking yourself the question, “is the subject living a happy and fulfilled life relative to me and everyone I know?”.

        If the answer is a resounding “no”, then we should concentrate on laughing at the “journalists” who have to got to work every day to tap away at their keyboards to produce this tosh.

        1. The worrying thing is that I am sure that a fair number of “journalists” actually believe the tosh they are writing. I have no problem with a women or a man thinking that they are the opposite sex, or indeed the Queen of Sheba but I am heartily sick of a tiny majority of nutters telling me how I must think and what words I can say.

          I wonder what historians will write about the madness of the early 21st century?, that is of course if there is still any vestige of Western civilization left to do the writing.

          1. But again, what people believe can really be more a source of amusement than despair.

            As Ayn Rand is often misquoted as saying, “you can avoid reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of reality”.

  2. You missed something. She must identify as a fairy, that is a male homosexual, otherwise how to explain the pregnancy. Certainly no woman filled her up, unless it was a male identifying as. O what a tangled web we weave.

    1. If you really want to confuse yourself, Jessica Yaniv, the “wax my female balls, you bigot” tranny in Canadia, describes herself as a lesbian.

      Okaaaay. So “owns penis, like ladies” = lesbian? Guess I’ll see you at next year’s Mardis Gras then.

    2. “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” – Jefferson

      I really cant bear to look into this kind of thing any further, but if as I suspect is the case, that tax payers money has been somehow utilized to partly or fully fund this scheme, then there is only one thing that a free born man and defenders of individual liberty should say and do here.

  3. Wait there is more.

    “Right said Fred, (of I’m to sexy for my shirt fame) I must be named as the Father on my child Caesar McConnell’s birth certificate.”

    He has now taken up a legal battle with the UK after the magistrate said that he must be registered as the mother. If he is successful, Caesar will be the first child in the UK not to have a mother identified on its birth certificate.

      1. Kills two birds with the one stone. It prevents Caesar from being classed as a Bastard Child and it also throws out the notion that childbirth and mothering is an exclusively female role. Win win.

        1. I think the question I’d love to hear answered by Freddie is, “What would make you truly happy, Freddie, and do you honestly feel the steps you’re taking are moving you closer to that?”.

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