The Sydney Harbour Stadium

Milton Friedman famously explained the four ways to spend money:

1. Your money on yourself – explaining the model and age of car you drive, balancing comfort, speed and prestige with cost to your preferred ratio.

2. Your money on someone else – explains why the presents you give are generous but not extravagant.

3. Someone else’s money on you – explaining why you always order the fillet steak and a good Shiraz when eating on the company expense tab.

4. Someone else’s money on someone else – explaining why the New South Wales government just awarded a contract to demolish a stadium and rebuild it before the new one had been designed.

No, really. That last one just happened.

In the Olympic event of “Pissing away other people’s money”, it’s a close contender for Gold along side Victoria’s $1.1bn road that never got built.

I suppose the Moore Park location isn’t as godawful as the Olympic Stadium at Homebush, which takes about an hour to reach even if you live close to it (which nobody who follows sports does), but it’s a crap location nonetheless.

If only there were better alternative suggestions….

Bill’s Opinion

Now that it’s been knocked down by corruption mistake, so to speak, why not take the opportunity to turf over the space and let the local junkies have a larger area to pitch their bivvies and overdose in.

Meanwhile, Sydney could build the world’s best sporting venue evah….

Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Sydney Harbour Stadium:

 In summary, our design includes;

1 A world class 120,000 seater stadium built to the north of Clark Island.

2 A “rollable” pitch to be moved out to the east of the stadium when not in use to ensure full sunlight on the grass (learning the lesson of Wales’ Millennium Stadium)

3 A new dedicated underground railway station linking up with Wynyard and terminating at Clark Island.

4 A new ferry wharf to the north west of the stadium connecting with Circular Quay and the other ferry routes.

Imagine the excitement of jumping on a quick ferry ride to a major international sporting event held in the middle of the world’s most beautiful natural harbour. Spectators would quickly arrive and depart using multiple ferries to different harbour locations and the train would connect with the existing rail network.

The footage of the game would be the best advert for Australian tourism (another industry in dire need of stimulus) ever shown on TV. Away matches in Sydney would be the highlight of every international team’s fixtures and their fans would always consider those fixtures as the first choice for travel.

Unlike the current disastrous commercial project the New South Wales government has presided over, this proposed stadium has been fully-designed and costed and, if the government minister would contact me, I will be happy to hand over the three used Malboro packets with the details.

(Keen observers will notice the basic idea for this stadium appeared elsewhere but I have since taken ownership of the copyright).

7 Replies to “The Sydney Harbour Stadium”

  1. I like that headline framing it as the poor old contractor cant sue. Plus I was well chuffed to discover in the article that the Spanish contractor Acciona won their misleading and deceptive conduct case for the Sydney Light Rail Project and received a $576m windfall as a bonus. I am in the throes of replying to a an arbitration with similar arguments although without the benefit of the glorious Australian misleading and deceptive conduct legislation, but the result does increase the motivation levels.

    Look on the bright side, the NSW state govt got to meet an election promise and remain in office.

    On your SHS proposal whilst a commendable scheme, we think that the greater interests of the voters of the electorate of Wentworth may struggle with the return on investment. Yes all tax payers are funding it, but that is on the proviso that there is a benefit for the land owning tax payers affected. This project may be viewed as detracting from their visual amenity without increasing their land price due to the marine park not being privately owned.

    1. These details and more have been fully-addressed on a third cigarette packet which I will allow you to view once the contract has been awarded and the first invoice has been paid.

      1. Just heard back from the minister on your request. He says that it is too early in both the state and federal election cycles to take this to final investment decision.

        He is interested in supporting your concept and has proposed that we fund your bid team to develop your proposal up to a bankable standard. Once complete we would host a presentation by your team with followed by a questions and answers session with all of the project stakeholders. We would propose holding this workshop in Los Angeles in order that we can obtain direct feedback from the current status of the construction of the $3b Los Angeles Stadium.

        If you could also advise of any special dietary requirements for your team it would be appreciated.

      2. Would it help if I showed some negatives I…er.. “found on a bus”.. to a staffer for the Minister?
        It may turn out the project is exactly what the Minister has always wanted to do.

      1. Despite some boos from the public on the SHS concept, I am pretty confident that we can sign up Steve Smith as our SHS ambassador.

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