With my feet in the fridge…

…and my head in the oven, I am experiencing an average level of comfort.

The Sydney Morning Herald Climate Change Bot ™ has produced this month’s weather article.

That’s a shocking headline, isn’t it? My only surprise is why it didn’t warrant a solid Peter Hannam-esque “Extreme Weather” tagline?

Seriously, 7 degrees is a long way above the average, even if it is caveated with both a “likely to” and an “up to”.


The missing piece of data is what the range encompasses.

Ah, 25.9 to 2.2 degrees.

That’s quite a temperature range for July, eh? The mean maximum is 16.4 degrees, (up to) 7 degrees above that is still 2.5 below the maximum recorded July temperature.

Bill’s Opinion

This isn’t #FakeNews, it’s simply #NotNews.

Hold the front page; winter is cooler than summer this year but well within the expected range based on observations.

By the way, in a surprise development, Jenny Noye’s degree was on the solid scientific subjects of media and gender studies. One assumes any “deviations” taught on the curriculum wouldn’t be of the statistical standard type.

3 Replies to “With my feet in the fridge…”

  1. “By Jenny Noyes”

    Noyes. No/yes? A Redundancy in-joke? Like a magic 8 ball that always turns up with ambiguous non-news?



    Noy-ez. Say it faster…


    My god she is a bot!

    1. But seriously, who doesn’t think that article couldn’t be written by automation?

      Screen scrape the monthly BOM figures, IF/THEN process, standard sentences with variables for the figures, rinse and repeat.

      How’s that media and gender studies qualification working out for you, Jenny?

  2. Little Alfred, out of spite
    Blew up his nurse with dynamite.
    His mother said, “What a noise!”
    His father said, “Boys will be boys.”

    Speak softly to your little boy,
    But smack him when he sneezes.
    He only does it to annoy,
    Because he knows it teases.

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