Kill it with fire

Sorry, but this saga isn’t going away and nobody is covering themselves with glory;

Christian charity to be investigated for helping Israel Folau.

Yes, Tom Decent was less interested in Australia’s progression to the cricket World Cup semi final after defeating England yesterday but continued his single issue activism journalism.

In a worrying omen for Folau, Gillian Triggs, the previous Australian Human Rights Commission president has offered words of support for his cause. Why is this worrying? Well, Triggs is one of those cultural bellwethers like Peter Fitzsimons; on any given issue, if they’ve made a public prediction about it, you’re usually safe to assume the opposite will occur.

Back to the inconvenient Israel Folau; he’s raised a further $1.2m in the previous 24 hours via a Christian charity donation website. Given that the previous money hasn’t been refunded yet, he’s probably well over the $2m level.

Understandably, this has really annoyed the people who are correct about these things. So, rather than bother letting due process play out, they’re trying to close him down again.

A number of complainants, however, have confirmed to the Herald that they have raised their concerns with the charities commission over the fundraising role played by the ACL.

In a statement, the commission said it “expected all registered charities to meet their obligations under the ACNC Act and the Governance Standards”.

“The ACNC can investigate concerns that a charity has breached the ACNC Act or the Governance Standards,” the statement said. “This may include not pursuing its charitable purpose, not operating in a not-for-profit manner, or providing private benefits to members.”

Presumably these complainants are hoping to help Folau raise a further $3m next week by going out of their way to annoy everyone who ever let a religious thought enter their head into donating in a act of defiance at being told what to think?

At least the Christians have realised the media aren’t their friends;

ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles was contacted for comment.

Quite right. Declining calls from Tom Decent is the smart thing to do at this stage; he stopped trying to pretend he was “Independent. Always” some time ago.

Bills Opinion

It’s not beyond the realms of belief that the Charities Commission will shut this latest fundraiser down. I don’t have any insight into the organisation but there’s a good chance it’s a captured institution given that it’s (a) public sector, and (b) not a meritocracy (but I repeat myself).

If they do, which direction does this saga tack next? People are increasingly wanting to offer Folau support and have shown they will find a way of doing so.

The only logical course to prevent these despicable people from supporting bigotry is to prevent Folau from enjoying the privileges of owning a bank account and accessing the internet and telephone networks.

Anything is reasonable in response to discovering Emanuel Goldstein in our midst, after all.

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  1. This issue has really confirmed what many ordinary people think, challenge the LBGTXYZ mafia or the Lefty MSM and they WILL destroy you and your family by any means available, and the attacks will be relentless. The ironic thing is that just as they have chosen to make an example of Israel, every new attack just serves to increasingly piss off the silent majority who respond by donating even more money to Israel’s fighting fund.

    1. This is why I keep berating Bardon’s autistic comments on the legalities and process; utterly irrelevant to what is going on here.

      The real issue is playing out many levels lower down Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the court decision (if it gets that far) will reflect the culture, not determine it.

      1. “This is why I keep berating Bardon’s autistic comments on the legalities and process; utterly irrelevant to what is going on here.”

        You smell that? Do you smell that?… Napalm, son……

        The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like… victory.

        There is more scientific reason why you resort to logical fallacies when you do. Its to do with your ego and how it responds to new information that doesn’t fit within its preformed view of the world. Typically you are not conscious of this emotional response when you lash out and you rationalize it like you have above above, this condition can be a major block to the adult learning process. Chances are that you will take it to your grave.

        Its okay though, its not a life threatening condition and is something that you can live with and continue to lead a normal life whilst suffering from it. You too are not perfect, and your coping mechanism by resorting to logical fallacy, may well smell like napalm to me but I am perfectly fine and empathize with you on this one.

  2. “Australia’s progression to the cricket World Cup semi final after defeating England yesterday”

    At least it was a resounding defeat in all aspects, even if some traitorous English fans were booing our players on, we lorded it over the poms. Australia seem to have an uncanny nack of demoralising and demolishing the English at the worst possible time for them, and did it again yesterday as early as their first over. As hosts and original favourites, I do wish them well for qualifying and scraping their way through to the final rounds, it wouldn’t be jolly well sporting of me not to, old chap.

    On Falou and his money lenders, its all good and is in accordance with The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus.

    1. Anyone who believed there was any substance behind the moniker of favourite for England wasn’t paying attention to cricket ever.

      There hasn’t been a single season where they’ve been a contender in the 50 over version. Why this would change this year wasn’t ever explained by any of those who suggested it was England’s to lose.

      1. It may well have been an Australian agent provocateur that surreptitiously started the rumour, after all we know best that an Englishmen and hubris is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

      2. On the bright side some young promising poms shining thorough in Woods and the African looking fellow.

          1. Slight presence, with pace, delivering with the stealth of a master African spear chucker.

      3. “Anyone who believed there was any substance behind the moniker of favourite for England wasn’t paying attention to cricket ever.”

        In fairness to the msm and the pommy bugle the Daily Telegraph and their headline grabbing inside scoop on “Courage, Unity, Respect – The inside story of how England became the best cricket team in the world. That sells newspapers, as the punters lap this kind of stuff up.

        Although the root cause of their hubris and downfall. and therefore as you say, the one who was not paying attention to cricket, looks very much like it was their super confident Captain Courageous when he said this “Courage, respect, unity: England better-equipped to deal with crisis – Morgan”

        1. Morgan isn’t a bad captain but you can only work with the players you’ve got.
          This is why Ricky Ponting had such an awful time as captain when he took over just as about 6 of the world’s greatest players of a generation all retired from the team.

          As with all sports, some element of realistic expectation setting is a good personal policy. Hence why you won’t have seen me talking up our chances for this, or any other World Cup, this year.

          1. “Hence why you won’t have seen me talking up our chances for this”

            I would be totally shocked if you did after your previous bitter experience in talking up the English cricket team.

          2. Go on then, I’ll take that one; we will win the Ashes this year.

            Then again, that isn’t such a wild prediction; the Ashes seems to have turned in to a competition won by the home side these days.

          3. Well at least you have assimilated into the Australian way of getting behind your team, whether it be Team Jesus or the English cricket team and have lost that weird pommy fetish for failure that they thrive on.


            And opening batsman Bairstow said: “People were waiting for us to fail.

            “They are not willing us on to win, in many ways, they are waiting for you to get that loss, so they can jump on your throat.

            “It’s a typical English thing to do, in every sport.

            “It’s part and parcel of modern life, I’m afraid.

            “You can’t be seen doing anything without someone having an opinion on it.”

            Bairstow said he was even mocked by a taxi driver the morning after England’s second consecutive defeat to Australia at Lord’s on Tuesday.


          4. The poms would do well to listen to Warnie about leadership before their do or die contest with the Indians today. If they had the balls to chastise Jonny boy and accept that they are not the best cricket team in the world and are rank underdogs may bring out the much needed but missing ticker in them and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

            Shane Warne slams Jonny Bairstow and claims his England teammates will be ‘furious’


    2. Well I must say that the comic in your link is strange to say the least. It is nice to see so many people quoting passages of the bible in order to make their particular point (or parable) in this debate.

      I see that the latest strategy of the left is to now go after the Australian Christian Lobby by complaining that it is somehow breaching it’s charitable purposes by helping someone raise money to fight for the right to practise their religion without persecution. The more they attack the more money will flow in!

      1. Not that strange if you consider that all the kerfuffle to date has solely been down to Izzy Supply Side Jesus and his hucksters in the temple. Weren’t you saying the other day that someone was putting it out there that RA had taken out a specific policy on losing this one!

        The only one keeping their powder dry is RA Defence, the winning team.

        It’s not about religious freedom, it’s about employers rights and it will be dealt with through the system and not a daily stool sample from Mr Decent of the SMH.

        1. “…. a daily stool sample from Mr Decent of the SMH”.

          Have some human empathy though; that’s the only paying job he can get. Imagine if that was the only way you could earn your daily crust, parasitically reporting on every twist and turn in a sordid little employer/employee dispute.

          It reminds me of that line from Half Man Half Biscuit, “only got 3 months to live but at least I’m not in ‘Journey’”.

          1. I find it hard to empathize with his plight and consider him to be the author of his own misfortune. My empathy lies elsewhere with the likes of you and what you are suffering from, and unlike him you do it for nothing.

            Suggest that you try and look at the world through another prism than his one. You might actually like what you see through this new filter, its not all bad out there, honestly.

          2. Go on with you, you can do better than that!

            I’ve seen your efforts over at that weird shouty property forum you post on obsessively at 3am….

        2. It is way,way past the issue of “employers rights”.

          Perhaps we should send Mr Decent a Bristol Stool Chart to help him identify his samples.

          1. “It is way,way past the issue of “employers rights”.”

            That depends on where you are on the autism spectrum!

  3. Billy is correct.
    This ain’t a dispute over an employment contract, & it ain’t a freedom of religion dispute.
    Half the deplorable bogans in the suburbs & regions have given money.
    Everybody knows what this is – except a few autistic lawyers.
    Even the woke jokes know exactly what this is about.

    1. Steve, I think you’ll find under clause 7, section (ii), paragraph XV, there will be non-binding arbitration and then, if the salary is more than the relevant Modern Award and/or it hasn’t rained during the previous 3 smoko breaks, PPE and wet weather gear expenses will be denied and then the matter will proceed to a higher court for consideration.

      In other news, there’s been a vacancy for an Applied Behavioural Therapist in the Bulimba area of Brisbane for a week or so and someone has forgotten to take his Risperdal.

      1. It has stood out for several days now that your Brisbane correspondent is both on the wrong side of history and totally out of touch with mainstream Australian sentiment.

        Suburban deplorables don’t give money to millionaires who take a contract dispute to court.
        Suburban deplorables don’t give money to happy clappers who ram the bible down your neck then want to litigate over the resulting robust feedback they got.
        (Rinse & repeat the above this time for “Regional bogans”)

        There’s another reason people are giving money.

        Rugby Australia has already lost, bigtime.

        1. At times like this when you have a lawless, squatters and cattle thieves convened kangaroo court rough justice system, demanding that they hang the devil incarnate by sundown. We can thankfully rely on our well established justice systems in stopping this misguided lynch mob dead in their tracks.

          1. “They only want to lynch the board or Rugby Australia & the ANZ bank.
            What’s not to like about that?”

            There are none so blind as those who will not see.

            Its an ill fated attempt to dilute Employer Rights, with some kind of Supply Side Jesus type takedown, wont happen, the law and legal precedent will be confirmed here and the preacher will be free to preach and work for whomever he chooses to work for.

            Meanwhile the Hoi Pollo are to busy diligently packing this into a left or a right silo, rather than keeping their eye on the ball and deciding upon what is right and what is wrong.

            All I can say here lads is, don’t worry I got your back and one day you will thank me for this.

  4. $1,862,485 as off 3.39pm EST, I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next Rugby AU board meeting.

    1. SMH editorial would be even funnier as they try to make sense of the increase in clicks that they can’t convert to revenue.

    2. It would not matter if it was a $100m, Folaus claim will be rejected at law, this figure has no bearing on that decision.

      The rest is to be divvied up between them including their lawyers.

      1. Translation: When this is over, & that upitty caramel flavoured bible basher has been taught a lesson, everything will go back to normal & the public will wonder what all the fuss was about.

        Yeah, sure.

        1. “Yeah, sure.”


          Given that caramel flavoured sports people seem to be overly represented by demographic in Australian sports teams, and they are more religious than other parts of society, one assumes a lot of eyeballs are on this debacle.

          I’m repeating myself, but you have to feel sympathy for a bunch of people who, for the best part of 300 years were forcibly converted to Christianity by people who look and talk a lot like the people who are now explaining how stupid they are for believing such nonsense.

          1. Totally agree.
            The journalist caste must be wondering what the hell happened.
            Australia is about the last place on the planet where ordinary ockers would give money to a religious nutter whose mouth got them into trouble.

          2. “The journalist caste must be wondering what the hell happened.”

            I’m friends with a couple, obviously sound ones not SJWs, and they are looking at their colleagues rather like I did at the people who went mad when Princess Diana died.

          3. “Australia is about the last place on the planet where ordinary ockers would give money to a religious nutter whose mouth got them into trouble.”

            Oh this is good.

            Really, really good and a near perfect example of how “A fool and his money are soon parted”!

          4. Really, really good and a near perfect example of how “A fool and his money are soon parted”!

            Izzy can use my donation to go on holiday to Tahiti with a bunch of hookers for all I care.
            It isn’t about money.
            A donation is showing verifiable public support.
            This drives the pc/lefty cohort of haters clear up the wall – coz they show public support by faking up petitions & having 5 people in a boiler room send off 60,000 emails purporting to each be from a different person.
            They know donations aren’t faked – and that his support is real.

            And every donation & show of support is a middle finger to the poison leprechaun. Heh.

          5. “Izzy can use my donation to go on holiday to Tahiti with a bunch of hookers for all I care. It isn’t about money. A donation is showing verifiable public support.”

            We get their money for hookers, and they knowingly say its not about their money just them showing verifiable public support. This has to be the best scam of all times.


          6. “This has to be the best scam of all times.”

            I’m thinking the definition of “scam” involved at least one party being deceived.

            As Steve said earlier, everyone who isn’t on the autism spectrum knows EXACTLY what this is about.

      2. Well, you seem pretty confident of the outcome, I must say that the few times I have been unfortunately involved with Fair Works Australia their attitude was pretty much the employer is guilty until proven innocent, and the employer never seems to be “innocent” The only conciliation that takes place is how large to make the ultimate payment to the employee.

        1. Fairwork Commission are total wankers – heck most of them don’t even have a legal background.
          A good read of the Fair Work Act reveals it is very difficult for the employer to NOT be guilty.

          Something that may warm your heart: The main architect and inspired driver of the Fair Work Act was Qld ALP Senator Chris Katter, who was No. #2 on the ALP Qld Senate ticket, and due to the Qld wipeout of Labor at the recent federal election, lost his seat.

          1. Steve, I did not know that, it just reinforces my belief that there is a God.

            Bardon, enough with the Supply side Jesus already, the comic was not even funny, and what is it with your crusade for employer rights? Sounds like you are after a board position with a bank.

          2. Hopefully you got as much pleasure from reading it as I did from writing it.

            At one level it is sort of a shame, as he’s pretty much a decent bloke, sane. Unlike some of his party colleagues, who can vary from near lunatic unhinged through to merely hate filled pieces of faeces.
            (I actually know him IRL, as he’s an occasional customer – or rather was, he won’t be now)

  5. To chime in late. I was watching some rugby yesterday for just a few minutes in a pub. There was a try scored by one of the islander players – I am not sure who, sound was off and I was chatting to others. But he had a cross on his wrist strapping, which during his celebration he briefly but very obviously pointed to. Brumbies player, be interesting to see if anyone picks it up.

    1. They ALL do.

      That’s the point people like Steve and I are trying to make to others here. This isn’t about whether or not something was or wasn’t in a contract or your instagram account is or isn’t owned by your employer.

      This is, at the minimum, about whether a sport wants to jeopardise their key talent pipeline.

      It is potentially going to be so much more than that though.

      1. “This is, at the minimum, about whether a sport wants to jeopardise their key talent pipeline.

        It is potentially going to be so much more than that though.”

        Smells like napalm.

        The Slippery Slope Fallacy

        This type of argument is sometimes used as a form of fearmongering, in which the probable consequences of a given action are exaggerated in an attempt to scare the audience. The fallacious sense of “slippery slope” is often used synonymously with continuum fallacy, in that it ignores the possibility of middle ground and assumes a discrete transition from category A to category B.

        Other idioms for the slippery slope argument are the thin end/edge of the wedge, the camel’s nose in the tent, or If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

  6. Agree, on all points.

    Might be a few more labourers for the building sites, and/or a rush to league.

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