Better late than.. oh

Remember the false promises, customer and shareholder disappointment that is Wokepac’s New Payments Platform?

Well, have some good news and bad news…..

Good news; it finally went live, about two years after all of the bank’s major peers did.

Bad news; I bet they wish they had delayed it even longer to do a tad more testing; almost 100,000 customer details hacked by a simple query on Westpac’s NPP system.

Gosh, that’s a bit unfortunate, one hopes that it was a cis-gender white male who oversaw such an amateurish implementation and not one of the diversity quota hires such as Lyn Cobley.

Bill’s Opinion

Anyone who is surprised by this latest screw up hasn’t been paying attention.

Wokepac has, like any other organisation, finite resources such as time, people, money to apply to problems and opportunities.

Brian Hartzer’s social media activity alone should be all the indicators one needs to understand that those finite resources are being applied to many other causes and crusades before “customer service” and “shareholder value” are considered.

In fact, it’s almost a certainty that fuck ups such as this are to be an expected consequence now and likely for some considerable time in the future as the legacy of de-prioritising core commercial values for the sake of corporate virtue signalling will take a long time to flush its way out of the organisation chart.

Tim Newman’s academic investigations into the cause and effect of such diversity in large corporates is going to be fascinating reading once it’s published.

Obviously it’ll be too late to save Wokepac.


A correspondent has been in touch to offer the following statement, “The IT security team recommended not switching on the PayID functionality but were over-ruled by the CEO“.

Obviously I can’t ascertain the accuracy of that statement. Perhaps one of the remaining journalists employed in Australia might want to stop cutting and pasting celebrity Tweets as “news” for a while and investigate?

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