Et tu, Tony?

It’s quite amazing this took so long:

It’s an utter non-story. Don’t take my word for it though, follow the link and judge for yourself.

What’s important is that the #MeToo movement is coming after Tony Robbins. Whether they are successful or not will be instructive, mainly because there were so many reasons to have taken Robbins down in the past, if this one is his nemesis, we now know where the power sits.

Let’s face it, the man has made an absolute fortune selling evangelical Christianity without the Christianity part. We’ve all met someone who’s got the religion at one of his $8,000 conferences and tried to make some massive change in their life… and usually failed.

He’s a snake oil salesman and has been for decades. If he was untouchable all that time but is taken down by an old video with few off-colour comments at a paid for conference, that’s very instructive.

Bill’s Opinion

It’s not clear what Robbins has done to become the next target. If you think the controversy is about the comments on the video, you’re being somewhat naive.

First they came for, ah fuck it.

4 Replies to “Et tu, Tony?”

  1. This video has been monitored for quality control purposes. The internet never forgets (although embarrassing statements like “our children won’t know what snow is” can be vanished if you know how to do it).

    1. “our children won’t know what snow is”

      A mate blocked me on Creepbook for laughing at him saying that…. in 2006.

      Obviously I’m not on Creepbook anymore though.

  2. “our children won’t know what snow is”

    I’ve never actually known personally anyone who believes that sort of rolled-gold shit.
    I’m in awe of your worldliness & wide circle of contact with all levels of humanity.

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