I played a round with my secretary

…..and she’s hoping I will get her in the club.

From Creepbook for Business;

Golf is a male pastime, apparently. So presumably these ones are simply the most convincing transgender women of all time who just happen to play golf?

Angela is correct however, golf is bollocks. It’s played exclusively by people who were never any good at team sports when they were young. It’s one of those hobbies (let’s not flatter it by pretending it’s a sport) where the gear and clothing is as important as the game itself. Basically, it’s cycling for fat fuckers who want to spend most of Saturday away from their families.

Anyway, shared prejudices against golf aside, what does Angela’s posting on the social media platform for professionals say about Practicus and her?

Bill’s Opinion

Without knowing anything else about Practicus or Angela, we can safely conclude the following;

1. Practicus need to amend their mailing list for future invitations to networking events to exclude whining harridans, and

2. Angela, ironically, really needs to get out more and lighten up. Oh, and consider quite how ungrateful and spiteful she appears by this sort of virtue signalling…. except self-reflection is probably an alien concept to her.

Finally, here’s a close up of Angela’s profile picture.

When I zoom in, I’m certain I can count the hairs of at least three different cats on her clothes. Thank goodness smell-o-vision isn’t an option on LinkedIn yet.

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  1. You missed out Twain’s “a good walk spoiled” quip.

    I, and most of the group I play with, played cricket and/or golf in their youth. One of them played for WBA. Its a well worn path from those sports to golf and then on to bowls. (Two of our group also play bowls at quite a high level). Whilst the game may be played individually against the course most of us at our late stages play it for the social and fitness benefits.

    As for this harridan, the reason they are “un-diverse” is because women like her turn their noses up and virtue signal. If you don’t like golf, don’t go. I one got an invite to Wimbledon but turned it down because I can’t stand tennis.

    1. Mea culpa. I was attempting to mildly troll golfers.

      But yes, I get these invites and politely decline because I don’t like golf, and no other reason.

      Tickets to the Rugby World Cup final will be gratefully received, of course.

  2. If I wished to put a ball in a hole, I wouldn’t use a bent piece of metal.

    Something, mumble, mumble about the eye of a Needle..

  3. My inaugural post, at least on this conveyance. Was hoping I’d come up with champagne sketch comedy, but alas, it’s Monday morning, and the best I can do is confirm that I too was thinking about the volume of cat hair on Ange, before scrolling down and reading that you too had speculated about same #meowtoo

    1. Channeling my inner Scott Adams; as persuasion techniques go, that’s quite a poor effort.

      Now, if you’d told me Inspector Poirrot played it, perhaps I’d reconsider.

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