New Zealand’s Princess Diana moment

Mass hysteria is an incredible phenomenon to observe.

These women are not Muslim and are living in a western democracy with a thousand year history of the freedoms of Common Law;

As with the public hysteria following Princess Diana’s death, it’s not clear what percentage of the Kiwi population are quietly seething at this virtue signalling compared with those who are playing dress up.

That’s the story the press are not reporting, the “dog that isn’t barking”. It was the same in the weeks following the tragic death of Princess Diana; perhaps 2% of the population of the UK went utterly insane while the other 98% of us quietly got on with our lives hoping our friends and relatives would soon return to normality.

There’s a confirmation bias at play in these situations; you can see the women in headscarves pointing an index finger upwards. What’s less obvious are the thoughts going through the minds of everyone else who isn’t wearing a scarf.

The upwards-pointing index finger in the picture above is interesting too. One wonders whether much research and contemplation had gone into these ladies’ decision to perform what is, in effect, the gang hand signal of choice of the murderous beheading jihadis?

When ISIS militants hold up a single index finger on their right hands, they are alluding to the tawhid, the belief in the oneness of God and a key component of the Muslim religion. The tawhid comprises the first half of the shahada, which is an affirmation of faith, one of the five pillars of Islam, and a component of daily prayers: “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” 

Perhaps no thought went into it at all.

Bill’s Opinion

If you wanted to convince murderous white supremacist crazies that western democracy and freedom isn’t currently experiencing an existential threat which justifies taking up an armed response in defence, this would be about the absolute worst method of persuasion.

Similarly, if you think pulling Jordan Peterson’s book out of bookstores is going to help, consider the possibility that your analysis is deeply flawed and you don’t understand human nature at all.

Fortunately, we have a word which adequately describes what is occurring in New Zealand:


10 Replies to “New Zealand’s Princess Diana moment”

  1. Agreed. When you have absolutely no power, showing violent aggressors that they “haven’t won” seems more likely to encourage them to try harder.

    The Peterson book issue is simply appalling. Fanatics of any description winning is bad news. Winning because illiterate lazy thick people provide support is somehow far worse.

    1. Do remember, this is the country that produced Buck Shelford, the man who had his torn scrotum stitched up at the side of the pitch, no anaesthetic, then went back on to seek justice.

  2. Hilariously, not one of these virtue-signalling fools know that a hijab must cover all hair to be acceptable to devout muslims.

    Therefore their headscarves cannot be hijabs: they are just useful idiots providing free propaganda for the real agenda of gun control.

    1. So much ignorance and lack of introspection, eh.

      If you have a spare 15 minutes, watch the Stewart Lee routine on Princess Diana on YouTube.

  3. Along with every sane person on this planet, I’m stunned into silence on this.
    You just couldn’t have made it up!
    It’s not just Premier Stardust, a collective madness has enveloped that whole country.
    A stalinist culture has gripped the entire country, almost overnight.
    Policewomen & ambulance women wearing headscarves, Rock festivals evacuated because someone saw what they thought was a “right-wing” tattoo on someone, bookstores removing (in the name of the shooting) a self-help book by a Canadian academic, rifle clubs closing – possibly forever, a culture of fear among urban white-collar workers that they show compliance and appear to show it willingly (the dairy farming, sheep husbandry, and logging industries I’ll wager are sans headscarves & sans pretty much all of Jacinda/Barbie’s madness).

    An 18yo banged up in jail and denied bail over sharing of the livestream (no Facebook executives jailed though), websites down everywhere, or blocked, NZ Police attempting to put the heavies on a web host in the USA, the national broadcaster ordered to play the Muslim call to prayer, the entire country (the government & supine corporates anyway) coming to a halt for the Muslim call to prayer – this included all activity at Auckland airport. Parliament opening with an Arabic blessing.

    All this from a ditzy female who quit the Mormons because of their inflexible attitude to homosexuality.

    How long before some tin-eared Iman gets carried away with the unquestioning submission & demands that NZ introduce a flying-test for gays?

  4. Crikey, just looked Buck Shelford up.
    He’d also just lost 4 teeth in backplay, then waddled to the sideline, with his jewellery hanging out like a tennis ball in a stocking – he had to hold it in while he went off field.
    Stood there on international television while the team doc put a few stitches in, then went back on.
    Took one helluva bump to the head later in the match, was brought off, & watched the remainder of the match from the grandstand.

    That match was the only one lost by the All Blacks while he played for them.

    One helluva bloke, one helluva player.

      1. And he’s now at uni, studying …er… something.

        I think they still make them like that, though perhaps in smaller batches these days.

        One Ditzy Barbie doll as PM may be more of an aberration than being the norm.

        1. Not my experience, I’m afraid.

          I did quite a bit of work at various locations there a couple of years ago and found the males to be quite passive aggressive and overly sensitive. I was working in both white and blue collar environments and it was a universal experience.

          I was quite disappointed actually.

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