More nonsense on my Creepbook For Business timeline. This one is about “Like minded bitches drinking wine“.

A networking club which excludes people on the basis of gender? I thought we’d moved on from those anachronisms ages ago?

Oh, it’s a networking club exclusively for women. Ah, I see. It’s like the difference between Spinal Tap’s album cover being sexy or sexist…..

The comments under the post underline the rule of our time, never read the comments under articles. They are basically a bunch of sycophants saying, “you go girl!” or people wondering why anyone trying to portray themselves as professional would use the noun, bitch.

Anyway, Jane Lu is fighting the good fight for equality equity.

Here’s a photo of her team at Showpo;

Gender diversity is clearly very important to Jane.

Bill’s Opinion

Jane is simply responding to the incentives offered to her. She’s self-promoting and benefiting from the congratulations and social rewards due to those who loudly proclaim the correct messages.

It’s devoid of dignity though, which doesn’t seem to be completely aligned with the point of feminism.

14 Replies to “Bitchin’”

  1. While the irony is interesting to witness, and that there is a limited (nil?) self awareness of the jihad that would follow a similar gathering by a group of like minded males, these sorts of displays are producing some backlash amongst a few of their female colleagues.

    The numbers are limited, but they are typically better balanced, smarter and harder working than the weird types that turn up at these self promotion events. They recognise the dissonance in themselves, and get confused how others don’t get it.

    The men shrug, walk away, and talk quietly in the corner about their next small event. Where they can talk about football without being accused of excluding others. This latter example being brought up and seriously discussed at a whole of division meeting. If I recall, the discussion of football in a communal/open setting was effectively banned. Quite tough in an open plan office.

    1. “If I recall, the discussion of football in a communal/open setting was effectively banned.”

      Speaking as someone who woke up at 3.30am on Sunday to watch England play rugby, I can support this policy.

  2. Being at a loose end in a Sydney pub, with mild curiosity, I did some low level stalking of Jane and her group of LMB’s. Being a rabid online entrepreneur with a hatred of the cubicle farm life I spot an opportunity to market low priced but impressively zesty pinot gris for the next five to ten years and then transition to cat lady starter kits. Without changing my customers. There must be some of term for this?

    1. Great find, thanks.

      The area between Corsica and Sardinia was surveyed by Nelson while waiting to chase the French fleet out of their southern harbours. The modern charts you can buy today show the same depths.

      1. Thought you would like it for your compendium of charts!

        Don’t worry your Sydney harbour mooring wont be stranded any time soon.

        I had a good chat with a Sardinian bloke at a business dinner the other evening. He was telling me about how they eradicated malaria from there, mostly due to Mussolini filling the swampy mangroves. He went on to say that most Sardinians cant fish because they historically lived inland and on higher ground to avoid malaria, he told me who the fishermen were but I have forgotten, it might have been Corsicans.

        1. Interesting, but I wonder if malaria was the main cause of the Sardinians and Corsicans living inland? North African pirate kidnappings for the slave trade decimated the coastal regions of much of the Mediterranean and beyond, including Cornwall.

          1. I forgot to mention, both the Corsican and Sardinian flags have a huge clue as to what was taking up their time and efforts for many decades…. and it wasn’t malaria!

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