The shoe is on the other foot

When you buy a ticket for the Woke Intersectional Express, sometimes you find the train stops at unscheduled stations.

Nike upsets muslims who claim the design of a new show looks a bit like the Arabic script for Allah.

Muslims urge Nike to recall shoes with logo some say resembles word Allah

Saiqa Noreen, who created the petition demanding that the footwear and apparel brand remove the Nike Air Max 270 from store shelves, said the symbol on the bottom of the shoe “will surely be trampled, kicked and become soiled with mud or even filth.”

“It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe. This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslims and insulting to Islam. Islam teaches compassion, kindness and fairness towards all,” he continued.

Ok, I’m pretty sure I can find some verses of the Koran that contradict that last assertion but please do tell me more about your reasonable demands.

It urges Nike to review the rest of its product line too, and to recall any merchandise with logos that resemble the word Allah.

“We also request stricter scrutiny of products before they enter the market,” the petition read.

Who gets to decide what “resembles” means?

Some of the petition’s signatories included their personal reasons for signing — with most saying they thought the Nike design was “disrespectful” and “offensive” toward their religion, and that they are owed an apology from the sportswear giant.  

How does an apology to the believers help? It’s Allah who’s apparently been slighted, surely?

In fact if you’re a follower of Allah, recall that “Islam” means “submission” or “surrender“. It would seem a bit late in the process to be looking for apologies once you’ve agreed to submission.

Nike did not return CBS MoneyWatch’s request for comment.

Strange…. one would have thought the team who came up with the Colin Kaepernick campaign would be all over this like a cheap suit, surely?

Ibrahim Hooper, director of communications for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, declined to take a position on the issue, saying that the organization is in ongoing discussions with Nike.

“It’s obvious that some people perceive it as a slight. Whether is actually is or not, that still doesn’t get rid of the perception of some people,” Hooper told CBS MoneyWatch.

In other words, “oh fucking hell, how are we ever going to convince everyone we aren’t loons and murderous psychos when idiots get upset about a squiggly line on sports shoes?

He suspects that any offense caused by Nike was inadvertent.

Ya reckon?

As opposed to what, a bunch of marketing execs sitting in a room whiteboarding ways to piss off the jihadis?

Bill’s Opinion

Compare and contrast the media response to the occasional reports of poor Catholic peasants who discover the face of Jesus on burnt toast or half an orange.

Ridicule? Pity at best, as this example illustrates.

One wonders how those brave Buzzfeed journalists battling the forces of evil are reporting this latest “Allah on a shoe” rubbish?

Well, we will keep wondering as there’s nothing on their website when one searches for the story.

Voltaire didn’t say this, an actual neo-Nazi (as opposed to just someone who didn’t vote for Hillary) did, but it’s quite pertinent nonetheless;

To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?

19 Replies to “The shoe is on the other foot”

  1. Perhaps those offended can just not buy the fucking shoes? Or doesn’t accrue enough victim points.

    On another topic, your favourite author and former Fairfax columnist is looking for a more woke workplace. I am sure she has the balance and open mind to apply your patented razor and publish her thoughts here?

    1. Yes, I had spotted that. I wish I’d put her on my Deadpool list this year, she must be on suicide watch by now.

  2. This comes just a week after people got concerned about Marks & Spencer selling aloe vera toilet roll with a symbol like “Allah” on it. Wiping your arse on Allah’s name is, I would have thought, even more disrespectful. Especially when sold by M&S, one of whose founders was clearly of the Jewish persuasion.

    If I were Allah, I would ask my followers in the marketing and graphics department to design a more specific and unmistakable logo so that our lawyers could work up a really convincing case when the infidel insulted me like that. Either that, or I would ignore the whole thing, on the grounds that this outrage is probably cooked up by Nike’s and M&S’s competitors anyway in order to damage their sales.

    And if I were the goddess Nike, I would be standing ready to defend my company against latecomers like Islam.

    1. I’d missed the connection with the goddess Nike, well done!

      Got a link with the M&S story?

      I’m trying to remember which special forces/elite army unit and which combat theatre had them cutting the M&S label out of their underwear to reduce punishment if captured. Anyone here know?

      1. Lots of the UK papers (excepting the guardian, of course!) carried the M&S story:

        There are loads more if you Google it.

        Personally, I’ve decided to play it safe and just clean up using my hand and a little bit of water. You know it makes sense.

  3. Nike sneakers were standard issue footwear for ISIS. Fly into Turkey in your civvies, receive basic training and kitted out including new sneakers and over the border you go, head chopping away to your hearts contents, senior dudes get a nice new Toyota as well. It must be connected to the reduced demand for new conscripts.

      1. Life begins at 350,000 Km’s for a Landcruiser.

        The Mozambican flag is my favourtie of all flags, not only does it show an AK47, its shows the later modified version with bayonet fitted, the need for bayonet fittings ceased when it was first designed and manufactured but was later incorporated based on user feedback. Some folk don’t even deserve a bullet.

          1. I enjoyed the recent hoopla when its so-called Russian peasant creator was honoured with the unveiling of an erroneous statue of him in Moscow. My razor cut revealed that it was the German dude that invented it and not Kalashnikov.

            On recommendations I would recommend the Radisson Blue in Maputo (Lourenço Marques) Mozambique. Its the ultimate party town and the ultimate party hotel, an eclectic mix of executives, barons, generals, mercenaries, night clubs set within the larger melting point of ancient Portuguese culture where anything bar normality goes. The British never managed to crack it either, much to their disgust when Kruger got his train full of gold out of the Transvaal through there and right under their nose as it left their port under naval escort to Marseilles. I had the pleasure of working on the very same rail track that he escaped on. If I were to elope and you grew concerned of my wellbeing and needed to find me, start there.

          2. “ If I were to elope and you grew concerned of my wellbeing and needed to find me, start there.”

            I’d be on the island of Erikousa…..

          3. Yup.
            Most unspoilt island in the Med.

            Only 1 ferry there a day, and fewer than 20 beds for rent.

        1. Maputo’s okay but the mosquitoes are something else. When you head up the coast to the more exotic getaway locales, the mossies get really chronic.

          1. Yes I forgot about them, I didn’t take anything when I was there, and as a matter of course wouldn’t recommend anywhere with a malaria risk. But as long as you have a decent tin of Rid and stay inside the air conditioned confines of the Radisson Blue eating, drinking, dancing and socializing facilities before dusk and after dawn, then you are sorted.

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