Behold, my virtue!

I’m the underrepresented voice in the room“?

That may be correct; there probably aren’t too many qualified actuaries speaking at the conference who have a degree from the prestigious Babson College, including 2 years of overseas study, a year of which was at the London School of Economics, and who have been employed by organisations such as Facebook and Willis Towers.

But yes, Steven, you’ve had it bloody tough, eh?

I bet nary a day has gone by in your career when some alpha male actuary with his white privilege has made a joke at your expense, perhaps suggesting that your ethnic background had a .74684 correlation with the 9th decile of life expectancy in a random sample demographic of the Bay Area.

The cruel laughter of your colleagues must have stung.

Bill’s Opinion

When exactly did being a victim become fashionable?

What an utterly pathetic individual.

He’s had one of the best educations money can buy, a exceptionally well paid international career and yet here he is claiming victim status to his entire professional network and beyond.

Here’s an idea, Steve; do the speaking gig and donate the fee to an orphanage in Bangladesh or a charity that digs wells for sub-Saharan African villages.

Also, “white-passing“? Ever met someone with vitiligo? That’s not a term I’d chuck around casually if I were you.

Oh, and as for helpfully explaining which gender pronouns you prefer….. I’d just stick with “Twat” if I were you, it seems to suit you.

6 Replies to “Behold, my virtue!”

  1. “Has anyone else made a decision like this?”

    No, you fucking tube, because they all would be taking the opportunity to present or simply decline due to a prior commitment so make sure you add measuring workplace tubes to your intersectionality paper, because your audience is probably aware that you sent this out and no matter how good your presentation was, its now completely fucked.

    1. I’ve not dared look at the comments under the original article for fear of further diminishing my love of fellow humans.

  2. I often wonder whether there is an equivalent level of angst at say a Chinese conference, that they have an overabundance of speakers from a Chinese background (as an example) and should introduce some additional diversity with one or two Uighurs, or Tibetans. Or even an African-American. And then I remember they are not completely fucking weird about this sort of crap, and maybe just want to hear from people who are good in their field.

    I don’t think that is even virtue signalling. It’s called bandwagon jumping.

    At some point a few more people are going to get sick of this sort of approved racism, and vote in someone smarter and nastier than Trump but with similar views.

  3. Wanker. I thought poonces like this existed only on TV.
    He says stuff like he says there, with the expectation of still being able to present himself to people he knows and be taken seriously?

    He doesn’t live or work among men. Never has.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but there are half a dozen on every building on George Street and Barangaroo. As for Glebe, the exception is the opposite type.

      1. A dozen such pansies in each building on George St.? This is no surprise.
        Glebe I’ve been to. Once dated a bird who lived there. Heartland of tofu eaters, lettuce crunchers, and doughnut punchers.

        Most enduring memory; Looking down the alley (Grose Street) which mirrors Broadway & Glebe Pt Road. Seeing a girl in Coles (or whatever supermarket) slipping out of the shopping centre with her tote bag, obviously finished her shift, & briskly walking across the alley/road then slipping in the back door of King’s Court bordello.
        She seemed to know where she was going.

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