More questions we can answer easily

Bill’s Opinion

Of course not.

Supplemental questions:

1. Which came first; the hair colour, being single or being a misandrist?

2. Correlation or causation?

4 Replies to “More questions we can answer easily”

  1. Feminists obviously go on courses where they practice how to do the “feminist face”. Head slightly tilted, looking out through slightly narrowed eyes and no hint of a smile. It clearly betokens theoretically-informed intelligence, and a wry ability to see through the childish ploys of men. That’s the sort of look that would disarm the rapist in the alley, and also intimidate poor old Colin from accounts when he attempts a joke about parking spaces or women’s football.

    She’s a classic. I think we need a competition to identify the best.

    1. Actually, the “best” is an interesting concept here. Maybe what you mean is, “the most successful at signalling acceptance of the various illogical positions of the radical left”?

      In which case, the most amusing ones to observe are those who are in the “B” league, incompetently struggling to gain promotion whilst failing at every aspect of their lives.

      Which perfectly describes Clementine Ford.

    1. Actually, her recent Twitter bio photo would be better; purple grade one haircuts scream “stable, rational human”, don’t they?

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